Helicopter Eela film review: Kajol starrer is saddled with prosaic story-telling

Helicopter Eela reviewHelicopter Eela review Helicopter Eela film review: Riddhi Sen, who won a National endowment this year, is about a usually one who stands out. 

Helicopter Eela film cast: Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Tota Roy Chowdhary, Neha Dhupia, Kamini Khanna
Helicopter Eela film director: Pradeep Sarkar
Helicopter Eela film rating: One and a half stars

A doting silent and her resigned-to-it son are a concentration of Helicopter Eela, in that pronounced Eela helicopters around Vivaan to a border of smothering him. Will they grow adult and out of any other?

This is a Bollywood movie, so that doubt is redundant. But a answer, that unravels over dual and half excessively prolonged hours, is so abandoned of interest, that we feel like shutting down roughly as shortly as a film starts.

That Indian mommies, generally those who have had to mount in for absent papas, are a kind who lane their brood during each earthy step, and online post, literally counting each exhale they take, and each tiffin box they lose, is a obvious fact.

That Kajol is able of single-handedly lifting a movie, and lighting adult a screen, is another. But Helicopter Eela is so saddled with prosaic story-telling, stretched sub-plots and farfetched performances, including and generally from a lead actress, that it never unequivocally takes off.

Getting a mom to finish a grade in a same college, and worse, a same class, as her son, is suggestive of Nil Battey Sannata, in that Swara Bhaskar’s impression goes to propagandize with her daughter.

The disproportion here is that a initial pieces of a film hark behind to a 90s, since Eela’s enterprise to turn a thespian indispensable a credentials of an epoch when Indi-pop was during a top, and when executive Sarkar was delighting us with stimulating strain videos. But a need to uncover Kajol in a proud younger avatar, unresolved out in studios with famous film directors and musician father (Roy Chowdhury, totally during sea), creates a film meander.

Sen, who won a National endowment this year, is about a usually one who stands out. The climax, featuring a rousing song, combined underneath a rod of outspoken college clergyman (Dhupia), wakes we adult somewhat: because couldn’t a rest of a film strike these high notes?

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