Heidi Montag Hopes Her Son with Spencer Pratt Won’t ‘Live in His Parents’ Mistakes or Shadows’

As a first-time mom, Heidi Montag has a lot of dreams for her 6-month-old son Gunner Stone.

But arch among them for The Hills alum? The wish that he doesn’t repeat a same mistakes she and her father Spencer Pratt finished in their past.

The 31-year-old existence star non-stop adult about motherhood in an intimate Paper magazine spread, divulgence that she wants Gunner to attain in life without, as author Justin Moran puts it, “the polarizing shade of Speidi’s legacy.”

“I only wish him to suffer his life, and not live in his parents’ mistakes or shadows,” Montag said, adding that she and Pratt plead either they’ll sojourn lifting Gunner in California “where you’re not as sheltered” or relocating to Colorado — where he’d be unprotected to “different values.”

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Heidi Montag and son Gunner for Paper magazine

Heidi Montag and son Gunner for Paper magazine

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“I’m not prepared to share him,” Montag said. “The many nap we get is dual hours — infrequently three. I’m customarily adult each hour with Gunner, it’s unequivocally intense. Gunner’s given me a whole new strength that we didn’t know. we feel like we am stronger than I’ve ever been emotionally. At a finish of a day, I’m his mom, and that’s my categorical priority.”

“It’s uncanny to consider we was a chairman before Gunner,” she continued. ‘I’ve always wanted a family. I’ve been with Spencer for 11 years now, so we told him, ‘You had me alone for 10 true years.’ We have a good marriage, and it was a ideal time for us to pierce into this subsequent chapter.”

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Elsewhere in Montag’s spread, she got very candid about her life-threatening cosmetic medicine procedures.

“Spencer suspicion he mislaid me,” Montag told Paper about electing to get 10 cosmetic medicine procedures finished within 24 hours. “I died for a minute. With that most surgery, we had to have 24-hour helper caring and Spencer didn’t wish to leave my side.”

She explained, “I was during a liberation core and had Demerol to understanding with a pain since it was so extreme. My confidence guards called Spencer and told him, ‘Heidi’s heart stopped. She’s not going to make it.’ And we simply could’ve.”

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The dangers of a procedures and liberation are not mislaid on her now. Montag described this impulse in her life as attack “rock bottom,” observant she can’t even commend a chairman she was behind afterwards who risked life “for vanity.”

“A lot of certain things came out of that,” she said, acknowledging her attribute with God for assisting her overcome a experience.

Added Montag, “I had to demeanour during myself in a counterpart each day healing, and be like, ‘What did we do to myself? How did we get here? What is going on?’ we fundamentally had to strike that rock-bottom impulse in my life, to comprehend what was important to me.”