‘Harry Potter’ Fans Mourn John Hurt After Actor Tragically Dies — See Tweets

Oh no, not Mr. Ollivander! Legendary actor John Hurt has upheld divided following a conflict with pancreatic cancer, and fans of a ‘Harry Potter’ star are anguish their favorite wandmaker. We have their ravaged reactions, right here.

This is only so sad. Iconic actor John Hurt died Jan. 27 during a age of 77 after battling pancreatic cancer. He was reputation for his performances in The Elephant Man, Alien and Midnight Express, though is best famous to this era as Mr. Ollivander, a dear wandmaker from a Harry Potter film franchise. His impression initial seemed in 2001’s Harry Potter and a Sorcerer’s Stone, and he reprised a a purpose again in 2010 for Harry Potter and a Deathly Hallows Part One, and a movie’s second partial in 2011. Fans of a films are beside themselves about his passing, and holding to Twitter in droves. Here’s a sampling of their tributes to a a male who helped wizards expel spells.


Pics: John Hurt

Mr. Ollivander sole wands to both Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, as good as many other wizards. We”ll never forget how he was discovered by Harry and his pals after being hold serf in Malfoy Manor. John desired personification a impression so most that he confessed to holding 4 wands that he used as props after a filming of Sorcerer’s Stone wrapped to give to his afterwards immature sons and nephews. How cute! He joked that by a time he came behind to a authorization scarcely a decade after that all props were underneath close and pivotal so most that he couldn’t even take a square of paper. It’s a good thing he got some dear wands a initial time around.

John had fought pancreatic cancer and beaten it behind in 2015, announcing in Oct. of that year that, “I am overjoyed, we am thrilled. It all looks good for a future, it’s fantastic.” Sadly, a illness came back in 2016. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends during this unhappy time.

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