Happy Gilmore Star Busted For DUI — And He Tried To Use The Movie To Get Out Of Being Arrested!

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What were we thinking, Shooter McGavin?

Christopher McDonald, a longtime actor who played a now-legendary golf impression McGavin in a film Happy Gilmore, was destitute for DUI north of El Lay on Saturday night, taken into control during about 9:00 p.m. by cops.

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Driving by a Lake Arrowhead area north of a city, a longtime impression actor reportedly gathering his classical china Porsche off a highway, holding out a gas scale along a approach and circuitous adult down in an embankment.


When cops showed up, McDonald done things worse by reportedly revelation them that he’d been in Happy Gilmore.

Sadly for him, a cops didn’t caring — and they arrested him anyways.

Now, he’s spending some time in jail, where he was reportedly being kept until he sobered up.

Not a good look, generally deliberation this is now McDonald’s second DUI… though hopefully Shooter McGavin can learn a thing or dual from it and maybe not do this any more.

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