Happy Birthday Vivek Oberoi: The actor who deserves to be a superstar

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It is time to cut a cake and blow a candles for Vivek Oberoi as he turns 41 today. The actor had grabbed a courtesy of a media after his entrance film Company. He hailed from a misty background, (son of Suresh Oberoi), though with films like Kyun Ho Gaya Na, Kaal, he flattering most valid that he had a ability to play any impression and thereby deserves to stay in Bollywood. Sadly enough, a actor was incompetent to make it to a subsequent turn notwithstanding possessing all a abilities compulsory to be a superstar.

When we accost from a misty family, Bollywood is a but-obvious end where we are firm to shine. Vivek Oberoi’s life is a vital instance that infrequently one needs some-more than a renouned surname and talent to tarry in a industry. You need luck. Let’s take a demeanour during some of his best works.


At a time when Bollywood became renouned for display happy endings, Saathiya had explored what happens after matrimony and it takes a lot of bid to make your happy endings final forever. Life isn’t all about child meets girl, falls in adore and live happily ever after.

In Saathiya, Vivek Oberoi’s impression had to do a lot some-more than bringing home roses and champagne to stir a lady of his dreams. He had to bear a tough pursuit of convincing a relatives though finally motionless to elope when he realised that conjunction her relatives for his would determine to get them married.

Shootout during Lokhandwala

In Shootout during Lokhandwala, Vivek Oberoi was seen in his mafiosi avatar and male was he means to shock people with his swag. The actor who was customarily seen as a partner child in Bollywood donned on a totally opposite demeanour for his purpose in a film. You could roughly feel your goosebumps any time he would suspiciously demeanour during you.


Kyun Ho Gaya Na 

This was one of a films where Vivek Oberoi had common a shade space with his afterwards lady love, Aishwarya Rai. Kyun Ho Gaya Na had been a entrance of age film behind in those days. Vivek Oberoi’s depiction of a child perplexing to find his trail in a adult universe was utterly relatable.

Remember that proviso in your life when we are too immature to be aged though also too aged to be young. The child Vivek was mischievous and did not know where to pull a line when it came to creation jokes, we could tell that he became a male when he realised what his heart unequivocally wants.


Yuva had been an Indian domestic play film destined by Mani Ratnam. At a time when Bollywood was not interruption ways with a incessant old adore stories, Yuva was formed on a subject of students entering politics.

The film narrates a story of 3 group from opposite walks of life and how one fatal occurrence in Kolkata changes their lives forever.


Although Vivek Oberoi had been one of a ancillary characters in a film, it was a calm of a film that had a clever message. It did tumble in a genre of horror, though a film explored a significance of wildlife, while revelation a story of ghosts.

Ajay Devgn who represented a suggestion of a timberland killed everybody who went opposite his wishes. The film usually signified that inlet will never betray, a heart that loves her, nevertheless, destroying inlet will have consequences that will impact us.


Happy birthday Vivek!

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