Guy Fieri’s Guide For Hosting a Ultimate Super Bowl Party

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If anyone knows how to tailgate and chuck a many epic Super Bowl party, it’s Guy Fieri. He hosted a tailgate during final year’s Super Bowl in San Francisco. Guy told POPSUGAR, “After that knowledge . . . we had such a good time. we said, ‘Let’s take it to another level.'” So he’s headed to Houston for this year’s Super Bowl (Patriots vs. Falcons) to throw a ultimate pregame party. A $699 sheet to his Super Bowl celebration gets we total booze, a “Whole Hog Throwdown,” “Mac Daddy Mac and Cheese Bar,” and some-more crab, lobster, and sushi than we could presumably eat.

“It’s gonna be a genuine good one,” Guy promises. While we competence not all be means try down to Texas to ambience all of Guy’s famous creations, we can re-create some of his torpedo ideas in a comfort of a homes. we spoke to Guy about his tips for prepping it all, from nachos to mac and cheese. Trust me, his cooking recommendation is a game-day diversion changer.

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Guy’s Tips For a Best Nachos

Fry your possess chips. “The commencement pivotal is a foundation. You gotta have unequivocally good chips. You could buy some unequivocally good, nice, thick corn tortilla chips and that’s what we recommend. If we unequivocally have my choice, I’ll make my possess chips. If a core of your tailgating eventuality or your Super Bowl celebration is going to be nachos, make a chips. Alright?”

Make Super Melty Cheese: “I consider one of a things that we all adore about nachos is nice, tawny cheese. We call it SMC, Super Melty Cheese. The thing to remember when creation Super Melty Cheese is don’t rush it. A small roux with some flour and butter. Into there, [whisk] a small milk. You’ve got yourself a good base. Slowly during a low-to-medium temperature, start stirring in crumbled or shredded cheese. A small Gouda, a small provolone, a small cheddar, a small parm. Keep it comfortable in a double boiler. You don’t wish to keep that fire directly on a cheese in a vessel ’cause it’ll have a possibility to singe it or bake it.”

Stack them TALL. “We call them ‘Trash Can Nachos’ in many of my restaurants. We smoke-stack em adult in a large can, since as shortly as a nachos lay on a plate, they start to cold off. Cold nachos . . . it’s kinda like cold pizza. we mean, you’ll still eat it, though it’s always improved when it’s hot.”

Or, set adult a nacho bar. “Setting adult a nacho bar, kind of like a taco bar, let’s people kind of digest how they wish their nachos to go. Have some chili prepared to go. Let people have those chips, a small bit of chorizo, a small bit of jalapeño, a few olives, and afterwards strike it with some unequivocally good SMC. My mouth’s watering, revelation you.”

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His Advice For Killer Mac and Cheese

Use a same mixture as nachos! “Some of a same toppings we adore on nachos, we also adore on mac and cheese.”

Buy (or make) legit pasta. “Same thing with pasta, same thing with chips. If you’re gonna eat this stuff, get some unequivocally good pasta. Don’t skimp and buy some inexpensive crap. You know, buy something good. Get something with some hardness to it.”

Guy’s Take on Guacamole

Never settle for anything other than fresh. “Guacamole is kinda like a song. Everybody plays it their possess way. You know, kind of like ‘Free Bird.’ Everyone puts a small spin on it. Mine is, we gotta have unequivocally uninformed guacamole and a unequivocally uninformed avocado. we mean, we infrequently have guacamole people make when a avocado’s not fresh, and I’m like, ‘They shouldn’t have played a strain if a guitar wasn’t tuned. [They] only wrecked it.'”

Ripen those avocadoes in advance. “The avocado’s gotta be ready. [If] you’re gonna suffer something overwhelming like that, you’re gonna suffer it out of season, we only have to make certain that you’re removing them forward of time and ripening them.”

Don’t overcomplicate it. “I’ll take a small bit of a uninformed pico de gallo that we only finished that’s gonna go with my nachos. I’ll stir a small bit of that into my guacamole, supplement a hold of orange juice, some salt and uninformed burst pepper, and let it pronounce for itself.”

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How to Make Chicken Wings That Don’t Suck

Take a time to do them right. “My favorite thing to do with chicken wings is brine them, unequivocally get in that season all a approach through. Then dry massage them, afterwards grill them in a oven, digest them down. Then right before service, giving them a discerning grill and putting a small bit of that frail on a outside. I’ll tell we something, we can’t kick it. The wing is tender. You rendered down a fat. You’ve got it all-the-way cooked. Nothing worse than flab or yellow fat inside of a wing. It also doesn’t take a garland of time.”

What to Serve Other Than Beer

Two words: adult milkshake. “A small warn pierce like a mudslide or something blended with a small ice cream [that’s] stomach balmy always is a good call. We do a bananas encourage milkshake with a good small further of rum. ‘Cause you’ve had a lot of flavors. You’ve had a lot of savory; you’ve had a lot of salty. It’s good to kind of mellow it out with something a small sweet.”

How to Stress Less if You’re Hosting

Prep early: “Get a work finished forward of time; do a good small pot luck. Let [guests] move a few of their favorites. [Put] yourself in a conditions that once that pregame starts, you’re already set up, things are sitting there, prepared to go, and we can suffer yourself.”

Don’t forget to locate Guy after a Super Bowl by examination Guy’s Grocery Games, airing Sunday, Feb. 5 during 11 p.m. and on Sundays following a large diversion during 8 p.m. on Food Network.