Guinea’s pregnancy contriver jailed

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BBC’s Alhassan Sillah

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Victims were given a reduction of leaves, spices and other medicines that done their stomachs bloat

A lady in Guinea who sole spices and potions to waste women, revelation them they would turn pregnant, has been jailed for 5 years.

N’na Fanta Camara done concoctions that done their bellies swell.

The normal healer is conspicuous to have duped some-more than 700 women, charging them vast sums for a treatment.

The BBC’s Alhassan Sillah in a capital, Conakry, says her victims during a justice were dissapoint she did not get a harsher sentence.

The use of normal medicine is common in Guinea and other tools of Africa.

Camara, who was found guilty of rascal and impersonating a alloy by giving a women damaging substances and endangering their lives, was also systematic to compensate $165,000 (£116,000) in compensation.

Two other accomplices were convicted of identical charges, and were condemned to 3 years and 4 years in prison.

‘The stomach started to rise’

Image copyright
BBC’s Alhassan Sillah

One plant told a BBC: “She gave us some medicines of leaves and spices that done us vomit. She positive us that this was good for us.

“On a second visit, she gave us some some-more spices and leaves that we boiled and drank. As one continued to take a medicines, a stomach started to arise a bit.

“After a while, we visited again, she examined us by only touching a bellies and she announced us pregnant. However she gives us despotic instructions not to go to a hospital.

“We gifted a normal menstrual cycle during this period. On a day she announced any lady pregnant, she had to give her fabric and a hen, after a initial payment.”

For her services, a women – aged between 17 and 45 – paid $33 (£24) in a nation where a normal monthly salary is around $48.

Some of a women reported looking profound for between 12 and 18 months.

Police trust Ms Camara done thousands of dollars a month.

The victims’ lawyer, Seny Kamano, conspicuous Camara had perceived a limit probable sentence, though conspicuous a turn of remuneration was “insufficient” for a some-more than 700 women affected.

A military doctor, who had examined 47 of a influenced women, conspicuous during a time that they risked long-term complications from a treatment.

“We won though we am not confident with this victory,” one victim, Fatou Seck, told a BBC outward court.

“And what has hurt us a many is that as shortly as a decider conspicuous her sentence, N’na Fanta responded by thanking God. She is happy over a set-back she brought us.”

Camara had shielded herself, saying: “I work really tough to assistance [the women] realize their dream, though a rest is in a hands of God.”

In 2006, a World Health Organization conspicuous that 80% of Africans used normal medical treatments.

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