Guatemala troops condemned for rape

Victims of passionate assault censor their faces during a conference opposite a former troops officer and a former paramilitary warrior indicted of passionate assault opposite inland women during Guatemalas polite war, in Guatemala City, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016Image copyright

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The victims who attended a conference had lonesome their faces since of a taste and stigmatization they contend they still experience

A justice in Guatemala has condemned dual former members of a troops to 360 years in jail for tellurian rights abuses.

Francisco Reyes Giron, was a former commander of a Sepur Zarco troops bottom and Heriberto Valdez Asij, a troops commissioner.

They were charged with passionate enslavement, rape and murder of a organisation of inland women.

It is a initial successful charge for passionate assault during Guatemala’s armed conflict.

There were jubilant scenes in justice with people entertaining and applauding a victims when a decider finished reading out a sentence.

“This is historic, it is a good step for women and above all for a victims.,” pronounced Nobel Peace Prize leader Rigoberta Menchu, who attended a hearing.

The late officer, Francisco Reyes Giron, was found guilty of holding 15 women in passionate and domestic labour and for murdering one lady and her dual daughters.

Heriberto Valdez Asij, a paramilitary who carried out commissions for a army, was convicted for a same enslavement, as good as a forced disappearance of 7 men.

The justice had listened harrowing sum about what went on during a former Sepur Zarco troops bottom in a eastern highlands during a 1980s.

According to a prosecution, in 1982 armed army regularly pounded a encampment of Sepur Zarco and killed or took divided Mayan Quiche leaders who had been requesting for land titles and had hurt internal landowners.

The group were indicted of being compared with severe guerrillas.

Agustin Chen, one of a group who survived pronounced a soldiers took him to a dungeon and kick him each day.

“They killed 7 people, throwing dual grenades into a array where they had put them.”

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Former bottom commander, Esteelmer Francisco Reyes Giron (R) was sentened to 120 years in prison

The justice listened how troops commanders deliberate Quiche women to be “available” but their group and had afterwards taken them into passionate and domestic slavery.

They were compulsory to news each third day to a bottom for “shifts” during that they were raped, intimately abused, and forced to prepare and purify for a soldiers.

In a news to a court, anthropologist, Irma Alicia Velasquez Nimatuj pronounced “The troops outposts were commissioned in a segment to give confidence to a landowner’s farms and to take possession of a lands. “

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Heriberto Valdez Asij, a troops commissioner, perceived a judgment of 240 years.

For women in a communities she said, “Racism and passionate assault had come palm in palm in a conquering and determining of inland populations.”

For some of a victims their distress lasted as prolonged as 6 years until a bottom was sealed in 1988.

The victims have been perfectionist burden for a crimes during Sepur Zarco for decades.

“We were raped, all of this happened, if it wasn’t like this, where are a husbands? We don’t know where they are,” pronounced Demesia Yac, 70 years old, who acted as a deputy for a women.

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Many of a victims are in their seventies and eighties and are still intensely traumatized.

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