Gretchen Carlson & 48 More Miss Americas Tell CEO To Resign Over Disgusting Leaked Emails — See The Organization’s Disappointing Response!

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Less than a day after the shocking reveal of leaked emails between the leadership of the Miss America pageant, 49 former Miss Americas are demanding resignations.

In case you hadn’t heard, HuffPost revealed company messages between CEO Sam Haskell and others, which contained numerous examples of fat-shaming, slut-shaming, name-calling, and, frankly, scheming behind the backs of the Formers.

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Now they’ve banded together, from 1948’s BeBe Shopp Waring (now 87 years old!), to 2013’s personally insulted Mallory Hagan (above) to 2017’s Savvy Shields, to say enough.

1989 winner Gretchen Carlson, who already has some experience fighting a sexist exec, tweeted:

Later, the Formers collectively released an open letter officially calling for the resignation of Haskell, Josh Randle, Tammy Haddad, and Lynn Weidner, along with anyone else involved.

You can read it in its entirety (below):

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In response, the Miss America Organization has taken action!

They’ve… suspended Haskell.

Yeah. In a statement released Friday afternoon, they said:

“The Miss America Organization Board of Directors today voted to suspend Executive Chairman and CEO Sam Haskell. Mr. Haskell, in support of the organization, has agreed to abide by the Board’s decision. The Board will be conducting an in-depth investigation into alleged inappropriate communications and the nature in which they were obtained. In addition, the Board wishes to reaffirm our commitment to the education and empowerment of young women, supporting them in every way possible.”

That’s it? First off, suspension isn’t good enough. We know what the man said; he shouldn’t be in his position.

Second, the man didn’t email by himself. What about the rest?

Third, “the nature in which they were obtained” leads us to believe they’re going after the leakers instead of those who wrote the emails in the first place. That almost sounds like another pageant owner we’ve heard of, we just can’t put our finger on it…

What do YOU think of the organization’s response??

[Image via Patricia Schlein/Jeff Grossman/WENN.]

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