Greek PM in Turkey Twitter outburst

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The sell came as a PMs attended a European Union-Turkey limit on refugees

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has pounded his Turkish reflection on Twitter after a downing of a Russian plane, call an instigation reply.

Mr Tsipras posted 4 tweets on Sunday addressed to Ahmet Davutoglu, angry about Turkish violations of Greek airspace.

“Fortunately a pilots are not fickle as yours opposite a Russians,” his initial chatter read.

Mr Davutoglu replied propelling Mr Tsipras to “focus on a certain agenda”.

The sell followed final week’s downing of a Russian warplane, that Turkey pronounced had disregarded a airspace while carrying out missions in Syria. Russia denied a craft was over Turkish domain and a vital tactful quarrel ensued.

‘Communication disaster’

The sell came as both primary ministers attended a European Union-Turkey limit on refugees in Brussels on Sunday.

The dual sides struck a understanding there to try to control a upsurge of migrants into Europe, underneath that Turkey will accept €3bn (£2.1bn) and domestic concessions in lapse for clamping down on a borders and gripping refugees in a country.

Mr Tsipras pronounced in his tweets: “What is function in a Aegean is vast and unbelievable. We’re spending billions on weapons. You–to violate a airspace, we–to prevent you.

“We have a many complicated aerial weapons systems–and yet, on a ground, we can’t locate traffickers who drown trusting people.”

It was misleading either Mr Tsipras was conveying a review he had had with Mr Davutoglu.

Mr Tsipras’s tweets were after deleted from his English Twitter account, where instead a chatter read: “We are in a same area and we have to speak overtly so we can strech solutions #EUTurkey.”

But a comments were still adult on his Greek account.

Mr Davutoglu chose to respond usually once on his Twitter account, saying: “Comments on pilots by @atsipras seem frequency in balance with a suggestion of a day. Alexis: let us concentration on a certain agenda.”

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One Twitter user called the Greek Analyst noted: “Tsipras display off his chatter “diplomacy” skills. #Greece #EUTurkey.”

A after posting read: “Tonight’s chatter shenanigans by #Tsipras usually indicate towards tactful amateurism miss of unfamiliar process direction. There’s no plan.”

Another user, Apostolis Fotiadis, pronounced a uploading and deletion of a tweets was “a communication disaster”.

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