Gordon Ramsay Officially Shuts Down Unicorn Foods in 1 Sentence

Updates to Gordon Ramsay‘s mobile diversion Restaurant Dash With Gordon Ramsay went out this week, so we spoke to a prepare about a new releases and his new favorite past-time: Twitter roasting. we also couldn’t assistance though consternation his thoughts on an vast new food trend present amicable media. In good, out-of-date prepare Ramsay manner, he tactfully shuts it down. Read on and yowl with laughter.

POPSUGAR: In Restaurant Dash, if your timing, accuracy, or apparatus is bad . . . your diners won’t be happy. In genuine life, this relates too. For we as a diner, what are evident signs of unequivocally bad restaurant? As in, we should travel out?
Gordon Ramsay: Good doubt . . . bold staff, bad lighting, and unwashed bathrooms are all signs of a bad grill and a good reason to leave a restaurant!

PS: Can we share any new Gordon Ramsay insults that have been combined to a game?
GR: we seem to be famous for a certain set of kitchen dialogue, don’t I? Those phrases are positively still in a game, maybe with larger magnitude now, though usually when players unequivocally disaster up. The ability for players to customize their avatar is a pivotal member of a game. Some of a new voiceover pokes fun during a preference of certain chef’s jackets, hats, and other items. It’s a lot of fun.

PS: What new dishes / recipes have been combined to a game?
GR: The new venue is called Kiwi Cottage and it’s located in New Zealand — a nation we love! Some of a recipes players are challenged to prepare adult embody pavlova (of course), chocolate lamington, and ginger gems.

PS: You’ve turn famous for your Twitter roasts of your fans’ homemade food. It’s apropos a subsequent era of “Pinterest Fails”. What desirous we to start responding to them?
GR: Honestly, we had adequate of people tagging me in shots of their food cinema that they suspicion were amazing, when they were terrible. I’ve always given out a lot of tough adore on TV, so we figured a Twitterverse was prepared for it. Now, if everybody could only prepare scrupulously we wouldn’t have a problem.

PS: You’ve weighed in on crazes like a pineapple pizza debate. What are your thoughts on a unicorn food trend?
GR: Unicorns are meant for children’s tales, not food. Period.