Glacier On The Timing Of His Gimmick In WCW, Where The Character Would Work Today, His Dream

Source: Uproxx

Glacier spoke with Uproxx on a series of wrestling topics surrounding his time in WCW. Here are some of a highlights:

Where a Glacier gimmick would work today:

“Someone sent me an essay a while back, only recently, actually, where they pronounced that … ‘Pentagon and Lucha Underground is where Glacier was ostensible to be.’ And someone that sent it to me said, ‘That’s gotta make we mad.’ we said, ‘No. we indeed determine with it.'”

Pursuing his dream in WCW:

“You can’t always control what happens to you, though we can always, always, always control how we conflict to it. Period. So we wish that helps, and if anyone’s listening to this, and they’re wanting to pursue whatever their dream is, wrestling or not, is don’t let people lease space in your head, and don’t let people stop we from whatever it is we adore doing. Because a biggest present we could ever give yourself is posterior a career in life, something we can make a vital doing that we positively adore and we can contend during my whole run in WCW, those few years when we were 250-plus days on a road, we can tell we but a shade of a doubt — being in a opposite hotel room, opposite bed each night. Sometimes sleeping in an airfield to locate a red eye moody … there was not one singular time that we ever remember waking adult and putting my feet on a building and saying, ‘Oh God, we got to go do this again today.’ Not one time ever, and we wish each chairman could knowledge what that feels like.”

Glacier On Fear Of Getting Heat Backstage, Fan Criticism Years Later, His Big Break In WCW

Timing of a Glacier gimmick in 1996:

“Wrestling customarily mimics what’s renouned in society, what’s out there that is creation income for society. Mortal Kombat was a outrageous thing in a early 90s, going into a midst 90s, and that was unequivocally what happened was … Turner saw an event to gain on something that they felt was a good risk. And, as we and we were articulate progressing we mentioned to we that, [Diamond Dallas Page] has a good observant where he says, ‘Give me talent, give me luck, or give me timing. I’ll take timing each singular time.’ And as we demeanour behind on it, no one knew afterwards that a timing might’ve indispensable to be a small bit earlier.”

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