‘Girls’ Boss on How Main Characters Are "Really Going to Try to Grow Up A Little Bit" in Penultimate Season

[Warning: The following story contains spoilers about Girls’ fifth-season premiere, “Wedding Day.”]

HBO’s Girls began a second-to-last deteriorate on Sunday night with Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams) holding a large step into adulthood by marrying her beloved and low-pitched partner Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach).

Marnie’s marriage comes as a categorical characters in a array about 4 womanlike friends in their 20s navigating life in New York are finally, during slightest trying, to grow up—sort of.

“This is a time when a girls are like, ‘We’re unequivocally going to try to grow adult a small bit’,” co-showrunner Jenni Konner tells The Hollywood Reporter. “And it’s Girls, so it won’t work as simply as creation that decision, yet we consider they’re unequivocally [trying].”

One of those “grown-up” choices is Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) preference to pursue a attribute with her associate teacher, Fran (Jake Lacy). The final moments of deteriorate four showed that a dual had spin a couple, 6 months after she deserted a advances of ex-boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver), and during a start of a fifth deteriorate they’re still going clever notwithstanding some differences of opinion.

“This is [Hannah saying,] ‘I’m going to date a male who we consider is normal, who doesn’t have crazy sex fantasies that we have to perform where I’m like a prostitute walking down a travel or things like that and who isn’t kind of an violent chairman and who we indeed like.’ She feels like he is good for her,” Konner says. “And she’s arrange of peaceful to endure a [occasional disagreement] as if Fran is like a health food of her life.”

With Girls set to finish after deteriorate six, with HBO renewing it for that final installment, Konner says that “a lot” of a deteriorate 5 storylines were created with the show’s finish diversion in mind.

“Especially a second half of a season,” Konner adds. “That’s when we unequivocally knew and unequivocally were going for it. we do consider when we knew we were going to finish for certain afterwards what we knew was that time was ticking on a stories, and so it’s like pronounce now or perpetually reason your peace.”

It’s also usually a matter of time before Marnie discovers what Hannah and Fran learn in a fifth deteriorate premiere: that Marnie is a eighth lady to whom Desi has gotten intent and that a ring he gave her was meant for his ex-girlfriend.

“Whenever we find out a secret, that is flattering singular that we learn a tip that a impression doesn’t know, afterwards it’s usually a ticking time bomb,” Konner says. “So you’ll see it play out.”

For a moment, though, Hannah not revelation Marnie that report was another grown-up choice Girls‘ narcissistic categorical impression made.

“It was creation this choice not to rip it all down formed on something she’d heard,” Konner says. “Who even knows what a law is about that story? She usually chose to let it go. And I’m not observant that’s a right or a wrong answer yet we do consider it’s a step for Hannah towards adulthood, arrange of toward the, ‘This is indeed nothing of my business during a finish of a day.’ Because it’s not like she found out he was a murderer, we know what we mean.”

Someone who also doesn’t select to hurt a marriage is Alex Karpovsky’s Ray, who seems utterly unhappy about a “love of [his] life” removing married and how he’s not means to “pull a Graduate” and get her back.

“He doesn’t unequivocally have it in him to make some-more of a philharmonic out of it and we consider that’s partially secure in a fact that he isn’t a bravest chairman in a world, yet we consider it’s also secure in a fact that he doesn’t wish to hurt this pleasing day that these people have selected to put together,” Karpovsky tells THR. “He kind of feels like that’s bold in some way. He has unequivocally churned feelings about it. But eventually Marnie’s still an intent of enterprise and to see Marnie spin a married lady is very, unequivocally formidable for him.”

As for what Marnie and Ray’s energetic will be like now that she’s married, Karpovsky says, “I consider that their relationship—it was stretched to start with—but now we consider it’s stretched with an additional healthy sip of disappointment on Ray’s part. It’s a lot harder to lift a lady divided when she’s full-on married to someone, we think, in Ray’s mind. And so when she was dating Desi, it was such a flighty attribute that there would be these gaps where they would have these outrageous fights and things like that, and we consider Ray always had this idea that we could get together or that probability was there yet now that she’s married, that has left divided and been transposed by a form of frustration.”

Despite all of this, Ray ends adult being a one who unintentionally talks Desi into going by with a marriage after a husband has a panic conflict and throws himself into a pond. Yet Desi’s assured since he totally misinterprets what Ray’s perplexing to say.

“I consider what Ray is anticipating in that debate he gives to Desi in a pool is [for Desi to realize] that Desi and Marnie are not right for any other,” Karpovsky says. “And they have destinies and their destinies are not intersecting destinies, and he’s removing in a approach of her fulfilling her possess destiny. we consider Ray is anticipating that this will unequivocally penetrate in with Desi and he’ll male adult and have this impulse of clarity, this highway to Damascus moment, and finally lift behind on this wedding.”

Another rather peculiar integrate spending time together in a fifth-season premiere were Adam and Jessa (Jemima Kirke), who took a loyalty they’d determined in deteriorate 4 to a subsequent spin with a lick during a wedding. While Konner was discerning to contend she couldn’t speak about what’s subsequent for Hannah’s crony and her ex, Konner did share what was behind their brief make-out session.

“We started to spirit during that final year; we knew it was coming,” she says. “They’re too people who are roughly too flighty and too passionate and too forward that it feels a small bit like it’s usually a matter of time, and we don’t consider there was anything going on behind Hannah’s behind in that way. we do consider they built a loyalty by AA and it started to spin and they’re both unequivocally freaked out about that possibility.”

What did we consider of “Wedding Day” and what’s subsequent for Jessa and Adam and Shoshanna, quickly behind from Japan, and her instant-soup-mogul beloved (Jason Ritter) whom she chose not to entice to Marnie’s wedding? Sound off in a comments.