Gerard Butler Opens Up About Wanting a Family in Five Years: ‘It’s About Time’

In his new movement film Geostorm, Gerard Butler plays a scientist fighting to save a universe from storms of epic proportions, namely for a reserve of his immature daughter.

While Butler doesn’t have any children of his own, a actor, 47, tells PEOPLE in this week’s emanate that he’d like to turn a father in a not too apart future.

“In 5 years we wish to be in a relationship,” Butler says. “I’d adore to have one or dual kids — it’s about time.”

Though a authorised bachelor, who formerly antiquated interior engineer Morgan Brown, is enjoying being singular right now and anticipating some time to date, he says “it has been tough to get most done” romantically with his chaotic work schedule. With five cinema now in a works, including Angel Has Fallen (the third installment of the Olympus Has Fallen series) and movement thriller Den of Thieves, he admits, “I have no personal life.”

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In a future, though, Butler says he wants “to be some-more run by my personal life than my career.”

When Butler does get a day off, he enjoys “getting on a motorbike, putting a tent on a behind and going to Sequoia National Park to stay and hike.” After his new motorcycle accident in Los Angeles final week that sent him to a hospital, a actor showed adult in good spirits to the Geostorm premiere in Hollywood on Monday. His repute confirms that he’s doing “fine.”

“My stomach aches when we consider about inlet and adventure,” he says. “I have a place out in Malibu right now though [in 5 years], we wish to have a place in North Carolina or somewhere that we spend some-more time in nature.”

Geostorm crashes into theaters Oct. 20.