George Clooney Says There Are ‘a Lot of Things’ About Raising Kids That Make Him Nervous

Like many parents, George Clooney knows there’s a lot that can go wrong with lifting kids.

“A lot of things make me shaken now with kids,” a new dad, 56, told Entertainment Tonight Canada at a Toronto International Film Festival. “What we wish from your children is we wish to make certain that they are merciful and that they compensate courtesy to a rest of a world.”

“They are going to be innate into a life that, in some ways, is going to be really hectic,” Clooney continued. “But they’re also going to be innate into a place of payoff and so they’re going to have to learn that [it’s] only by accident. And all else is – we only have to compensate courtesy to people.”

Clooney and his mother Amal Clooney welcomed their initial children — twins Ella and Alexander — behind in June. The span done their initial post-baby open appearance final weekend when they attended a premiere of Clooney’s latest film, Suburbicon, during a Venice Film Festival.

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Clooney had prior non-stop adult about apropos a first-time father — and a reason he and Amal stranded to normal names for their babies.

“[We] didn’t wish to give them one of those absurd Hollywood names that don’t meant anything,” George told Paris Match in an talk published Saturday. “They’ll already have adequate problem temperament a weight of their celebrity.”

“We figured these kids are going to be looked during a lot and watched and [have their] each pierce arrange of judged, and we wanted them to during slightest have a mangle with a names,” he formerly told Entertainment Tonight. “So we looked for some arrange of normal names. We didn’t have any good inspiration. It wasn’t Alexander a Great and Ella Fitzgerald.”

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

But during a finish of a day, Clooney is happy with being a dad.

An insider told PEOPLE, “George and Amal are really hands-on. The babies keep them really busy, though they both seem to adore being parents.”