George Clooney Says Son Alexander ‘Laughs Louder Than Everyone In the Room’

George Clooney’s son is a giggly small guy.

In a new talk with Extra, George went into fact about his twins with mother Amal  Alexander and Ella  explaining that they already have graphic impression traits during four-months old.

Echoing earlier descriptions of his infants, a unapproachable pappy shared, “Ella is really superb and dainty. She has these large pleasing eyes, she looks like Amal.”

Of Alexander — who “weighs 3 pounds some-more than his sister” — George pronounced “[he’s] only a thug, he’s a fat small boy.”

After observant that he and his mother were “done!” carrying children, a 56-year-old actor combined that his son “laughs louder than anyone in a room, it’s a funniest thing.”

In September, George similarly called his small child a “thug,” joking, “He’s a moose! Literally, he only sits and he eats.”

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George has formerly non-stop adult about apropos a first-time father — and a reason he and Amal stranded to normal names for their babies.

“[We] didn’t wish to give them one of those absurd Hollywood names that don’t meant anything,” George told Paris Match in an talk published in September. “They’ll already have adequate problem temperament a weight of their celebrity.”

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“We figured these kids are going to be looked during a lot and watched and [have their] each pierce arrange of judged, and we wanted them to during slightest have a mangle with a names,” a actor previously told Entertainment Tonight. “So we looked for some arrange of normal names. We didn’t have any good inspiration. It wasn’t Alexander a Great and Ella Fitzgerald.”

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Now a father and father, George also told ET he’s ready to start looking for opposite forms of behaving roles. “I consider we have to demeanour during your career over a prolonged duration of time and figure out what’s best to do, and actually, I’m looking for opposite kinds of roles now,” he admitted.

“You got to keep putting a softer lens on a camera, it’s only no good anymore,” he joked.