George Clooney Gets Candid (and Funny) about New Fatherhood: ‘It’s Something we Never Thought we Would Be Doing’


George Clooney is amatory life as a father — and he’s happy to speak about it.

The actor and Suburbicon executive is during a Toronto Film Festival to foster his new movie. Meanwhile, he’s also pity a few choice jokes as good as critical insights about being a father to three-month-old twins Ella and Alexander with mother Amal Clooney.

“Right now with my kids, since we have no breasts, we don’t exist. we collect them up, we give them a bottle and we palm them behind to my mother and they’re happier,” Clooney, 56, jokes to PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly and InStyle.

Clooney sat down with Suburbicon star and crony Julianne Moore to plead a new purpose in his life. And while a mom of dual is already good past a baby theatre with 19-year-old Caleb and 15-year-old Liv, she couldn’t assistance though provoke her crony about his nap deprivation.

“Yeah, there’s no nap right now, it’s all fun,” Clooney says. “It’s something we never suspicion we would be doing. All my friends are shouting during me and they consider it’s humorous — we get it. Fair enough, we gave them a tough adequate time.”

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The actor also common his viewpoint on lifting a twins amid a universe of privilege. He says he’s confronting a same hurdles as any primogenitor to make certain his kids are “decent tellurian beings” and stay “happy and safe.”

“Nothing’s different,” he adds. “Just since we occur to have been innate into a arrange of propitious conditions in many ways, positively not into misery and into some place of luxury, we wish to make certain they’re penetrable and compassionate. That they learn all a things we was taught as a immature male about how we’re usually successful as a nation as a people who are slightest successful.”

“I consider that’s going to be a challenge, to constantly remind a kids that being innate in one place doesn’t give we a right to only omit everybody else’s difficulties,” a Oscar leader says.

Suburbicon — also starring Clooney’s pal Matt Damon — is a dim comedy about a white suburban city that’s rocked with secular tragedy when an African-American family moves in. It is slated to strike theaters on Oct. 27.