General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Easton Reveals GH Air Date – Hints About New Character

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Easton Reveals GH Air Date - Hints About New Character

‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that Michael Easton will be returning to a ABC soap in March! At a commencement of Fan February, Frank Valentini suggested in an sparkling video that he had invited Michael Easton behind to Port Charles – and ‘GH’ fans were thrilled.

So distant information on Michael’s lapse has been kept tip secret, though a actor took to Facebook to exhibit his initial atmosphere date.

On Friday Feb 26, Michael common a print of a book he is now filming for ‘General Hospital’ on his Facebook page. Easton prisoner a photo, “And So It Begins.” Obviously he couldn’t give divided any of a tip tip sum surrounding his new poser character, so a print is usually of a cover page of a script.

However, it does exhibit that Michael began filming on Feb 26, and his initial central ‘General Hospital’ atmosphere date will be on Friday Mar 18.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers and rumors have been using prevalent given Frank Valentini announced Easton’s lapse and it was suggested that he would be personification another new character. TPTB have been really tight-lipped about his puzzling new role.

A operative speculation on a internet is that Easton might be personification a partial of a long-lost member of a Cassadine Family, who is brought to Port Charles to conflict with Nikolas (Christopher Tyler) over Helena’s (Constance Towers) estate.

Other ‘General Hospital’ fans consider that he might be concerned in some arrange of host dealings, presumably a new rivalry for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Really, we’re only happy Michael is entrance behind – and we’ll adore whatever purpose he is playing, as prolonged as it is not another vampire.

What do we consider ‘General Hospital’ fans? Are we as vehement as we are about Michael’s large lapse on Mar 18? Who do we consider he will be playing? Share your thoughts and theories in a comments next and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.