General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Hayden Revealed as Ashton’s Daughter Rachel – Poisoning Tracy and ELQ Takeover Explained

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Hayden Revealed as Ashton’s Daughter Rachel - Poisoning Tracy and ELQ Takeover Explained

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers hint that Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) loyal temperament is now suggested and she might unequivocally be Rachel Ashton – daughter of Larry Ashton (Hugo Napier). If Hayden is Ashton’s daughter, that orderly ties adult a lot of bizarre coincidences that might spin out to not be accidents during all.

Let’s cruise a contribution during hand. First, there’s a doubt of because Ashton seemed during a same review that Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) was visiting. Hayden knew where Tracy was going and could have simply told her father so he could arrange an “accidental” meeting.

Second, Tracy came behind from her relaxing sauna outing and immediately started pang what looks like a after-effects of poisoning. Ashton wouldn’t have delivered a deadly dose, yet he could have tainted her with something that addles her mind so Tracy can’t consider clearly.

This could set Tracy adult to demeanour amateurish to lift on with a lawsuit opposite Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) for control of ELQ. Third, Hayden is clearly shaping to get control of ELQ for herself, not for Tracy or Nikolas. But why? Ashton is a answer.

Ashton was finished unwashed by a Quartermaines (even yet he was a conniving liar) and might wish to take their association divided to retaliate them for doing him dirty. He attempted to take ELQ behind in a day… Plus, Hayden has those papers prepared for Nikolas to pointer to give her control of his assets.

If she can get Nikolas to pointer those and Tracy’s neurological issues continue, that could leave Hayden during a helm of ELQ. Fourth, Hayden really angrily told Tracy never to discuss her father to her yet that was expected usually an act to remonstrate Tracy they’re disloyal rather than shaping together.

Fifth, Tracy told Dillon Quartermaine (Robert P Watkins) that Hayden’s father is an familiarity of hers from a past. In fact, that would make Hayden half-sister to Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) yet Tracy has no qualms about using down family – and Hayden/Rachel is usually quasi-family.

This also explains because Hayden wormed her approach into Nikolas’ life after he took over ELQ. Not prolonged after she got with Nikolas, Hayden apparently sought out Tracy and started their devil’s discount with all of this in mind.

Is a finish idea of all of this for Hayden and her father to lay during a bench of ELQ to retaliate a Qs? We’ll see in entrance weeks. GH spoilers have indicated for weeks that many people would be rocked when Hayden/Rachel’s genuine temperament was revealed.

Hayden as Rachel Ashton would positively expostulate that outcome. The usually one who would not be repelled is Tracy given she knows. Nikolas is wakeful that Ashton has a past with Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and her cronies, so there are lots of threads that bond Ashton to Port Charles.

In fact, a Baxter Corbin (Tom Parker) side of Hayden’s life might not be that important solely if it reveals her name as Rachel Ashton. Baxter is some arrange of private resources manager – and might be a criminal male – that could also give him ties to Larry Ashton.

The critical partial is Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) finding Hayden’s genuine name. If Sam can ferret out of Baxter that Hayden is Rachel Ashton that would blow all far-reaching open and give Nikolas a ammunition to figure out what his shaping bride is adult to.

Wonder if Hayden is formulation on poisoning Nikolas like Ashton did to Tracy to upset him so he signs those papers she had Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) pull up. Remember Hayden got transparent info from Diane that they could be sealed with no counsel benefaction – usually a notary.

That means Hayden is formulation to connive or pretence Nikolas into signing them somehow. Will he tumble for it? Or will he get info from Sam in time to warning him that his new mother is a most some-more divergent arrange that he ever imagined?

What do we consider GH fans? Do we consider Hayden is Rachel Ashton – daughter of Larry who came to Port Chuck to take over ELQ and retaliate a Quartermaines? Share your comments next and come behind to CDL mostly for some-more “General Hospital” spoilers and news.