Gavin Rossdale Takes Nanny Who Destroyed His Marriage To Gwen Stefani On Date

Uh oh! Gwen Stefani improved demeanour divided as her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale has been speckled on a date with Mindy Mann, a former family nanny who he was accused of carrying an event with that pennyless adult his matrimony to a No Doubt singer!

This has got to hurt! Gavin Rossdale, 50, is still in tighten hit with Mindy Mann, a voluptuous blonde former nanny who he allegedly had an event with, causing Gwen Stefani, 46 to divorce him! The span was speckled Feb. 24 carrying an insinuate lunch together during a North Hollywood gastropub where he was even speckled eating off of her plate!

Gavin only can’t stay divided from a immature Aussie, even yet she caused so most trouble for his cursed matrimony to Gwen. An watcher told a Daily Mail that Gavin and Mindy arrived together during a pub around midday and stayed for an hour and a half. They were afterwards seen withdrawal together following their prolonged lunch. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF GAVIN AND MINDY’S LUNCH DATE.

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Mindy’s purported three-year event with Gavin was unprotected when Gwen found text messages between her husband and Mindy that popped adult on their children’s iPad, though she also incidentally detected some impossibly risque photos. Though Gavin primarily denied he was cheating, Gwen finally found adequate proof to lift a plug on their 13 year kinship in Aug. 2015. Pre-order Gwen’s new manuscript This Is What The Truth Feels Like by clicking here.

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But in a end, things worked out only excellent for Gwen as she went on to find new love with her associate The Voice manager Blake Shelton, 39.  She’s over conduct over heels in adore and Blake has been immersion her with so most courtesy and affection that she didn’t get from Gavin.

HollywoodLifers, are we repelled that Gavin would still be so tighten to a lady who caused Gwen to leave him?