Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow to lapse home

Gambia's new President, Adama Barrow in Senegal (19/01/2017)Image copyright

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A new coronation on home dirt is designed for President Barrow

Gambia’s new President, Adama Barrow, says he will lapse to a nation on Thursday to assume energy – days after his prototype left.

Mr Barrow, who has been staying in beside Senegal, won elections in December.

However a handover was stalled when Gambia’s boss of 22 years, Yahya Jammeh, refused to step aside.

He left for exile during a weekend after involvement by informal leaders and a hazard of troops intervention.

Mr Barrow was sworn in as boss during a Gambian embassy in Senegal a week ago, though a open coronation on home dirt is designed soon, aides say.


Mr Barrow, 51, expects a “big, large welcome” when he arrives behind in Banjul, he told a International Business Times UK.

“I consider it will be a biggest in a story of a country.”

He combined that he was “very excited” after a “very formidable transition”.

The boss is to be accompanied by a UN attach� for West Africa, Mohamed ibn Chambas. He has pronounced a UN will assistance defend confidence in The Gambia.

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Mr Barrow reliable he was going behind to Banjul on Facebook

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Ecowas army have been securing a Gambian collateral Banjul

Several thousand West African soldiers sojourn in The Gambia amid reports that brute pro-Jammeh elements are embedded in a country’s confidence forces.

The West African force had threatened to expostulate Mr Jammeh from bureau if he did not establish to go.

A new coronation will be organized shortly during a inhabitant track in Banjul, his orator Halifa Sallah said.

“It will be an arise to uncover strength. Everyone will be invited. The boss will residence his people,” he told Senegalese radio.

Mr Jammeh, who was a 29-year-old army major when he came to energy in a 1994 coup, had refused to accept a formula of a Dec election.

After his departure, reports emerged that some-more than $11m (£8.8m) had left from The Gambia’s state coffers.

However a presidential confidant pronounced a military had been asked to examine and would establish if anything was missing.

Mr Jammeh has not commented on a allegations.

Quick facts: Adama Barrow

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Adama Barrow (pictured right) scored a unlikeliest of choosing victories

  • Member of a Fula racial group, innate in 1965 – a year of Gambian independence
  • Reportedly worked as a confidence ensure in a UK in a early 2000s while study there
  • Returned home in 2006 to set adult skill business
  • Supports English Premier League football group Arsenal
  • Nominated as a claimant for bloc of 7 antithesis parties, earnest larger honour for tellurian rights
  • A righteous Muslim who is reportedly married with dual wives and 5 children