FYI: Donald Trump’s still tweeting about ‘dumb as a stone Mika’ & ‘fake news’

As we discussed on Friday, Donald Trump’s War on Women Who Won’t Succumb To His Charms continues unabated. Emperor Baby Fists’ latest aim is Mika Brzezinski, a co-host of Morning Joe. Mika’s co-host is her boyfriend/fiance Joe Scarborough, and for Joe and Mika, a freshness has been off a bigly rose for months and months. While Joe used to solicit to Bigly, Mika never did. And now they both impugn Bigly on a unchanging basis, roughly each morning. Last week, Mika was creation jokes on-air about Trump’s feign Time Mag covers, a same covers that are framed and in full perspective in many Trump properties. Well, Trump mislaid his f–king mind over a fact that Mika was creation fun of him. He tweeted that when he saw her around New Year’s, she was “bleeding” from a “facelift.” His tweets were widely cursed by many in his possess party, though he refused to apologize. Because of course. Mika and Joe seemed on Morning Joe on Friday morning to plead all of that and more. Here’s a full shred (it’s long, though value watching):

So, all of that happened on Friday. It was one of a large news stories, since people still can’t trust that a boss of a United States sits around, tweeting bullying nonsense to TV hosts. People still can’t trust that Donald Trump is that petty, that insecure, that unhinged, that childish, that misogynistic. Really, peeps? You still can’t trust it? After all we’ve already seen, we can’t trust it? Yeah. So, of course, Trump got on Twitter on Saturday morning to twitter some-more sh-t about Mika and Joe:

“Crazy” and “dumb as a rock.” From a boss to dual private citizens. Because one of them done fun of his feign Time covers.

What else? There was this:

Here’s a frightful story about that – what if Bigly only wants all of this information so he can palm it over to Russian hackers so they can some-more simply wormhole their approach into a system?

He also tweeted about feign news and CNN. Dumb-as-a-rock Bigly.

And afterwards this:

More like post-modern. Or improved yet, surrealist presidential, since no one understands what a f–k is happening. This is a world. This is a male who has a chief codes.

Photos pleasantness of Getty.