Furniture Tip-Over Deaths Are On a Rise for Children: Here’s How to Keep Your Family Safe

A new investigate has denounced a lethal hazard stealing in your home.

Every 17 minutes, a square of furniture, TV or apparatus tipping over causes an damage in a U.S., according to information supposing to Consumer Reports (CR) by a Consumer Product Safety Commission. A sum of 195 deaths caused by tip-overs were reported between 2000-2016.

The outlet’s many unfortunate commentary however, describe to tip-overs and children: a child is killed by a descending square of seat in a U.S. each dual weeks. In 2016, 2,800 incidents of injuries to children were reported — a 33% boost from 2015.

CR launched their review into a dangers acted by these kind of tip-overs after, in 2016, IKEA willingly removed about 29 million dressers and chests when 6 children were killed by a pieces descending on tip of them.

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One of a categorical factors inspiring a reserve of these seat pieces, they found, is that a stream reserve exam is not intentional for manufacturers, definition some items could simply tumble brief of what’s safe.

To get an thought how simply consumers can mark a best products to buy, a opening tested 24 dressers from several manufacturers opposite 3 opposite tests: In a first, they non-stop all drawers. For a second, they left a tip drawer open and hung a 50-pound weight on a front of it (this matches a stream intentional test). And in a third, they steady a second test, and afterwards combined weight in 1-pound increments until it reached 60 pounds.

Dressers and storage units comment for during slightest 11% of a sum accidents.

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Five of a dressers unsuccessful both tests dual and three, while 6 unsuccessful usually a third. A sum of thirteen upheld all three.

The pieces that unsuccessful possibly one or dual tests enclosed equipment from IKEA, DaVinci, Delta, Essential Home, Southshore and Storkcraft. The full formula can be found on

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CR is now suggesting some-more consummate precautions be put in place to safeguard reserve for a whole family.

“Our recommendations would lead to safer dressers for all consumers,” comparison process researcher for Consumers Union, an advocacy multiplication of CR said. “Raising a exam weight would cover some-more children, and obscure a smallest tallness would cover some-more dressers.”

One approach to forestall tip-overs is to anchor vast pieces of seat to a wall.

Simply use a timber finder to locate a studs in your wall. If we have a anchoring pack that came with your furniture, mislay a dresser’s behind row and insert to a wall regulating a supposing hardware.

If we tossed a parts, an angle joint can still do a trick. Use screws to insert a joint to a dresser, cut a subsidy to fit around a joint if required and afterwards use a cavalcade to secure a square to a wall, possibly into a timber or regulating wall anchors.

For some-more information on anchoring furniture, watch this video, and for a full sum of a study, revisit Consumer Reports