From Valencia to Manchester City, Nicolas Otamendi lives adult to his reputation

Manchester City, Manchester City football, Manchester City squad, Man City, MCFC, Manchester City FC, Nicolas Otamendi, Nicolas Otamendi Manchster City, Otamendi, Otamendi Manchester City, Premier League, Premier League news, Football news, football Nicolas Otamendi is a arrange of defender who prefers to be active and play hurdles early. (Source: Reuters)

Manchester City motionless to bombard out £32 million for Nicolas Otamendi in a summer as they felt that tightening their counterclaim was a certain approach of winning a pretension this season. The 27-year-old arrived during City with a large reputation, carrying been widely regarded during a best defender in La Liga for Valencia final season, even eclipsing a likes of Sergio Ramos in terms of coherence and quality.

For someone entrance from a La Liga, a transition to a some-more earthy Premier League could have been tough though Otamendi showed his category as he has seamlessly practiced to a new nation and league, and turn a stone plain centre-back for a Citizens.

Since City’s mastery began about 5 years ago, it has been singular for them to have a defender consistently personification good whose name is not Vincent Kompany. The City captain is of course, a really plain centre-back though he has been struggling with damage issues this season.


The new drop in City’s counterclaim and form in ubiquitous has coincided with their Belgian captain being out with injury. It’s a genuine contrition since Otamendi and Kompany had shaped an effective partnership during a back.

Aggressive and comfortable

The Argentinean is an assertive defender. Not usually is he gentle in possession, he also possesses a earthy strength to difficulty his antithesis strikers. There were doubts about his status as good as miss of acceleration, though his assertive character creates adult for that.

In his entrance deteriorate during a Etihad, a defender has played in 20 joining matches and averaged 3.1 tackles and 3.2 interceptions each 90 minutes, illustrating his dual vital strengths.

He is a arrange of defender who prefers to be active and play hurdles early, as against to sitting behind and permitting forwards to have some-more control in a box. While that can be risky, it’s something that worked for him on some-more occasions than not.

However, a fact that it’s unsure means he has had moments of doubt where him being too most on a front feet has resulted in a participation of large holes in a defence.

Otamendi has finished good with Kompany during a behind though has struggled with Demichelis as good as Mangala. That is down to a fact that he plays a unsure diversion though someone like Kompany can cover for his mistakes during a back, when and if he creates them.

Demichelis as good as Mangala have been blunder disposed and bad away themselves so it is formidable to design them to make justification for another defender out there.

Good start of things

Overall, it has been a good start of things for Otamendi in Manchester. While he competence not have taken a joining by charge in his entrance deteriorate for a club, he has finished a good adequate job. Had Kompany not got harmed in a middle, maybe City could have been in a improved position during this indicate of time since with a dual during a back, they honestly looked impossibly non-porous.

His performances have valid that a City tenure hasn’t spent a outrageous volume of income on a below-average defender like Mangala in a prior season.

With an effective partner during a behind like Kompany, Otamendi has valid he can be an desirous choice to have during a behind so one expects his performances to usually turn improved with some-more knowledge in a Premier League.

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