French Montana Helps Open Hospital In Uganda Equipped To Care For More Than 300,000 People!

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Here’s a GREAT feel-good story about French Montana that’ll leave we feeling good about humanity!

The rapper has undergone MAJOR charitable efforts in a African republic of Uganda over a final few months, and today, it culminated in a opening of a code new sanatorium interjection to his appropriation outreach!

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The Unforgettable rapper donated adequate income to get a round rolling on opening a code new sanatorium versed to take caring of some-more than 300,000 people in a easterly African country!

Soon after French’s initial $100,000 concession came through — primarily to assistance yield privately for profound women — all snowballed when both The Weeknd and Diddy matched a money.

And now, Uganda has itself a code new hospital!

Apparently, French Montana initial got a thought to do something critical to give behind to Uganda after formerly sharpened a song video there.

Good for him — and for The Weekend, and for Diddy — to indeed do something large and put their income where their mouths were.

So wonderful!!!

[Image around WENN.]

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