Frampton loses all-action rematch with Santa Cruz

Carl Frampton was creation a initial counterclaim of a WBA universe featherweight title

Carl Frampton (right) was creation a initial counterclaim of a WBA universe featherweight title

Carl Frampton mislaid for a initial time in his veteran career as Leo Santa Cruz kick him on points in Las Vegas to recover a WBA featherweight title.

Mexico’s Santa Cruz, 28, got a deserved outcome in an all-action contest, and thereafter betrothed to quarrel Northern Ireland’s Frampton for a third time.

One decider scored it a draw, though a other dual lucky Santa Cruz 115-113.

“Leo substantially deserved it. It was my error and we wish to apologize to a travelling fans,” pronounced Frampton, 29.

“I wish we can do it again – we need to do it again.”

Thousands of fans had trafficked from Northern Ireland to assistance emanate a hectic atmosphere during a MGM Grand Garden Arena.

They saw Santa Cruz, a three-division champion, get off to a excellent start, creation improved use of his tallness and strech advantage than he had when he mislaid to Frampton in July.


Santa Cruz won on a infancy outcome after a tiresome contest

Frampton, who had won all 23 of his prior fights as a professional, warmed to his charge some-more after a delayed start.

But he found Santa Cruz, relentless with a prolific jab, in dynamic mood to revenge that points better in Brooklyn.

Frampton won some rounds behind and finished strongly in a 12th, though Santa Cruz hold organisation to take a belt.

“My feet were a bit slow. we indispensable to let my hands go a bit some-more when we got close,” combined Belfast male Frampton.

“We had a illusory training camp, we felt totally prepared. we feel like I’ve let a people down.”

Frampton pronounced he would like Santa Cruz to come to Belfast for a third assembly between a pair.


Frampton, from north Belfast, suffered a initial better of his veteran career

And Santa Cruz pronounced both he and Frampton ‘deserved’ a third fight.

He said: “He is a good warrior and a good counter-puncher.

“It was tough to change my style. In my conduct we wanted to go for it, though we was told to box him and that’s what we did.

“I am a male of my word. Let’s go again.”

Analysis – ‘A non-stop, toe-to-toe, all-Mexican fight’

Former one light-welterweight universe champion Amir Khan on BBC Radio 5 live

I consider it’ll substantially occur again. Both fighters fought a good fight, it was non-stop, toe-to-toe – an all-Mexican fight.

It was always going to be tighten since they have styles that fit any other. They’ve both got good fighting skills. One’s a fighter, one’s a warrior though afterwards they have to change their skillset and gameplan a bit that creates it tough.

Santa Cruz was not a vigour fighter. He was a one who was relocating back. He was a one who was fighting more, though in a initial quarrel he was a one pulling Frampton behind and we saw Frampton, in this fight, being some-more a vigour fighter.

The best male won though what a good quarrel it was.

Radio 5 live fighting match Mike Costello

It was desperately tighten once again though Santa Cruz has won it on dual judges’ scorecards. He’s come behind and wrested his belt back. That’s a magnitude of a good champion. Everything about this suggests a trilogy.

Reaction – ‘Carl has a ability to kick him again’

Barry McGuigan, Frampton’s manager, on Sky Sports

These dual immature group are illusory for fighting – they paint all that is good about a sport. Carl emptied his tank, though didn’t quarrel technically as good as he could. It was a pretentious fight. we suspicion Leo deserved to win it.

I wish they will go behind to Belfast, repaying these travelling fans for spending their hard-earned money. We owe it to them to move it behind to Belfast.

Shane McGuigan, Frampton’s trainer, on Sky Sports

No excuses, it was a nip-and-tuck fight. we consider we will get Santa Cruz again, and we know Carl has a ability to kick him again.

We weren’t unequivocally awaiting to box on a behind foot, though we were a bit sluggish. He was a bit sleepy down a widen though it is one of those things.

Reaction on amicable media

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