Fox Sports Fires Head Of Programming Amid Sexual Harassment Accusations!

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First Fox News, now Fox Sports?

The sports wing of a Fox media sovereignty is a latest to be tormented by passionate nuisance allegations. The network has been questioning claims for usually a week, and they’ve already done a outrageous dismissal.

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Jamie Horowitz, control of programming (pictured above with Shannon Sharpe), has been dismissed as a examine by an eccentric law organisation questioned several women, according to an inside news from a Los Angeles Times.

We still don’t know what Horowitz was indicted of specifically, though a import is flattering clear; in an email to staff announcing a decision, President Eric Shanks wrote:

“Everyone during Fox Sports, no matter what purpose we play, or what business, duty or uncover we minister to — should act with honour and belong to veteran control during all times. These values are non-negotiable.”

Horowitz’s attorney, Patricia L. Glaser, says he was blindsided by a pierce Monday morning, and that he’ll be fighting back:

“The approach Jamie has been treated by Fox is appalling. At no indicate in his reign was there any discuss by his superiors or tellurian resources of any misconduct, or an inability to belong to veteran conduct. Jamie was hired by Fox to do a pursuit that until currently he was behaving in model fashion. Any damning accusations to a discordant will be energetically defended.”

Fox Sports doesn’t repudiate this all happened in a hurry. According to a LA Times, Horowitz usually found out there was even anything to worry about late Friday, when he was told to news to a bureau on Monday morning. There he was met by HR and terminated.

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But in response to Glaser’s rejection of any wrongdoing, Fox Sports’ profession Daniel Petrocelli did not chop words, stating:

“Mr. Horowitz’s stop was entirely fitting and his lawyer’s accusations are ill-informed and misguided.”


Again, we still don’t know a details of a case, though it does bear a similarity to what happened with Bill O’Reilly during Fox News — reduction a initial coverup attempt.

What do YOU consider about Fox Sports holding quick movement after the passionate nuisance allegations??

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