Former Mexican President Tells Trump: "I’m Not Paying For That F—ing Wall"

The GOP frontrunner wants an reparation from Vicente Fox for “horribly” regulating a “F-word.”

In a Thursday interview with Univision-owned Fusion, former Mexican President Vicente Fox lashed out during Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump’s offer to make Mexico compensate for a limit wall.

“I declare, I’m not going to compensate for that f—ing wall,” Fox told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. “He should compensate for it. He’s got a money.”

Fox went on to contend that a Hispanics who voted for Trump in a Nevada congress are “followers of a fake prophet” who will lead them into a desert.

Trump dismissed behind during Fox on Twitter, saying. “Vicente Fox horribly used a F word when deliberating a wall. He contingency apologize. If we did that there would be a uproar.”

Fox is a second former Mexican boss to impugn Trump’s devise to make Mexico compensate for a wall. Earlier this month, ex-president Felipe Calderon pronounced Mexico won’t compensate a singular cent for a “stupid wall.”

Vice President Joe Biden, who was in Mexico on Thursday for mercantile talks, spoke about “dangerous, deleterious and impossibly brash presidential debate rhetoric,” however, he didn’t singular out Trump, according to an AFP report.

AFP quoted Biden as saying, “This too shall pass… we have left by these episodes of xenophobia though they have always been overcome.”

Ramos, a Fusion anchor interviewing Fox, was kicked out of a Trump press discussion in Aug when he attempted to ask questions about Trump’s argumentative anti-immigrant remarks done during a debate in Jun to announce his candidacy.