Former Major League Baseball Star Drunkenly Attacks Band Mid-Concert, Gets Arrested

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This… this is utterly a story.

Josh Beckett had a really prolonged and successful career pitching in Major League Baseball — including winning a World Series and being named World Series MVP with a Florida Marlins in 2003 — yet he’s apparently been, uh, practicing like a football actor given he retired?

The 37-year-old spent some time in jail this week after allegedly rebellious a lead thespian of a rope while mid-performance during a nation bar in Texas. Wait, WTF?!

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According to media reports, a big, clever former pitcher was arrested for open intoxication after officers dynamic Beckett was “a risk to himself and others.”

You don’t have to go distant to find out since cops suspicion that, though, since a lead thespian of a rope that had been behaving during a eventuality where Beckett was arrested has a injuries to infer it!!

Cops contend a thespian was simply only on theatre behaving for a throng when Beckett — who claims he was theatre diving as an act of clowning — blindsided a bad man with a HUGE tackle.

The misfortune partial is that a thespian was apparently flattering badly injured. TMZ reports a man suffered “serious injuries” to his arm, neck, and shoulder than embody both a ripped rotator slap and a dislocated shoulder.

WTF, Josh?!

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Cops contend a occurrence is still being investigated, yet we already know what’s coming: get prepared to hack adult some money, Mr. MLB, since you’re about to get sued.

What a fuck was Beckett thinking?!?!

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