Former CBFC arch Pahlaj Nihalani: During my tenure, we was bullied by a I&B Ministry into holding decisions

pahlaj nihalani speaks about padmavati debate and his cbfc tenurepahlaj nihalani speaks about padmavati debate and his cbfc tenure Pahlaj Nihalani’s reign as CBFC arch was stubborn by controversies.

Former CBFC Chairperson and writer Pahlaj Nihalani is repelled by a Parliamentary Committee’s preference to doubt executive Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Padmavati before a bury house can perspective a film. He claimed a Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had also “bullied” him during his tenure.

“By all means, a Parliamentary Committee has each right to doubt Bhansali or any other filmmaker. But usually after a Central Board of Film Certification views and certifies a film.

“By doubt him before a bury certificate, we are severe a management of a CBFC as a final capricious physique to confirm a predestine of a film,” pronounced Nihalani.

Nihalani feels a CBFC seems to have mislaid a authority. “During my tenure, we was bullied by a IB Ministry into holding decisions.

“Now it’s a free-for all. Any and each ruling physique can doubt a film. Where does that leave a CBFC?”

As for Padmavati, Nihalani wonders where a film’s harm stops. “To how many committees is Bhansali answerable? And where does this end? “Why is one of India’s best filmmakers being done to explain himself over and over again? And because is a CBFC not holding stairs to transparent a atmosphere once and for all,” questioned Nihalani, whose possess reign as a CBFC arch was stubborn by controversies.

Padmavati, formed on a life of mythological black Padmini of Chittor, has been in debate for a year now with several Rajput groups like Shri Rajput Karni Sena accusing Sanjay Leela Bhansali of distorting story and personification with a sentiments of people. From final to anathema a film to open genocide threats, things have usually gotten uglier for a group of Padmavati.

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