Flu conflict closes Stockport high propagandize for 5 days

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About 330 pupils and 25 members of staff are off ill with influenza during Bramhall High School

A influenza conflict has sealed a propagandize for 5 days after roughly a third of pupils and members of staff were struck by a virus.

About 330 pupils and 25 staff during Bramhall High School in Stockport, Greater Manchester, have been off given Tuesday.

In a letter, conduct clergyman Lynne Fox pronounced cases were “continuing to rise” causing an “unprecedented situation”.

The 1,200-pupil propagandize is due to free on 13 December.

Mrs Fox took movement following superintendence from Public Health England and she pronounced a “deep clean” of a site would be carried out.

She pronounced a closure would concede “a duration of recuperation” for those who are ill and “avoid any risk of re-infection”.

The propagandize suggested anyone with lung, heart, liver, kidney, or neurological disease, diabetes or an marred defence complement to see their GP and find a influenza vaccine.

What is flu?

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There are 18 opposite forms of influenza A

  • Influenza (flu) is a viral infection inspiring a lungs and airways
  • Symptoms include: headache, fever, cough, bruise throat, painful muscles and joints
  • Complications embody bacterial pneumonia and can be life-threatening
  • Those during many risk embody comparison people and people with underlying health conditions
  • There are dual forms of influenza inspiring people – influenza A and influenza B

[Source: Public Health England]