Flip Or Flop Star Tarek El Moussa Opens Up About How Steroids Ruined His Life & Marriage

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After a healthy heaping of debate derailed his strike HGTV show Flip or Flop, star flipper Tarek El Moussa is now vocalization out about a purpose steroids played in ruining his marriage, and his life.

The 36-year-old genuine estate and restoration master spoke to Dr. Drew Pinsky on The Dr. Drew Podcast this week, going into good fact about what accurately happened with his steroid use, fighting behind to life after cancer scares, and a issues that led to a passing of his marriage with ex-wife Christina.

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The steroid emanate indeed started when Tarek attempted to get his hormone and testosterone levels behind on lane after his initial cancer shock and steady thyroid issues.

He relayed (below):

“It was only my hormones were off. we was sleepy and we suspicion it was from a thyroid remedy though it wasn’t. Next thing we know I’m shoving a needle on my donkey and holding steroids … it was testosterone. It was awful. we was totally on approach too most testosterone, on tip of that holding tellurian chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections each day … since we was told to.”

He continued on, too, observant that during all of his health issues and around a steroid issues, he was still filming Flip or Flop on a flattering heated report with Christina.

Tarek common (below):

“I got behind surgery, we went from 230 pounds to 168 pounds. So we had a cancer and afterwards we got a second cancer. And afterwards 4 months after we recovered from a second cancer, we harm my back. we mislaid 60 pounds, we was on Vicodin each day. On tip of that, my hormones are off, I’m on pain meds and narcotics and I’m filming and working. It was a unequivocally severe three, 4 years … It was a offensive experience. we would find myself only sitting alone and only being depressed. It’s all since of all a shit that was being pumped into my physique only incited me into someone that wasn’t me. In 20/20 hindsight we think, ‘How in a ruin did we film a show, start a company, how did we do all these things?’ we was so spun out from all a shit they gave me.”


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He also looked during a bigger design concerned with his divorce and more (below):

“There’s a lot of contributing factors [to a divorce] — life is relocating so fast. We bought a house, remodeling a residence … my hormonal levels were off and we wasn’t feeling unequivocally good a lot of a time and we wasn’t being a best chairman we could have been. There’s so most going on with TV and a prominence and a finances and so many opposite things function during one time and it solemnly pulled us apart.”

Sounds like flattering critical stuff.

At slightest he’s finally holding batch of it and, it would appear, reckoning out how to fight and scold things.

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