Find Out Which Drugs Aaron Carter Is REALLY On!

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Rumors have swirled about Aaron Carter‘s drug use for years.

But over a past few weeks, things have unequivocally ramped adult as a Fool’s Gold thespian has been in legal trouble, a car accident, and some very open spats with family and desired ones.

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But Aaron wanted to set a record true on what drugs he does and doesn’t use, so he concluded to a full row for his vehement coming on The Doctors.

So what is he unequivocally taking? Here’s a whole results:

Cocaine – Negative

Methamphetamine – Negative

Marijuana – Positive

Benzodiazepine – Positive

Xanax – Positive

Opiates – Positive

Hydrocodone – Positive

While it’s transparent rumors of his unlawful drug use, quite coke and meth, are unfounded, medicine horde Travis Lane Stork tells Aaron he’s frightened about a brew Aaron is taking:

“What scares me about that drug row is your sister perished from an overdose and you’ve got a reduction of Benzodiazepines with opiates, that is how many people incidentally can die.”

See how Aaron reacts to a veteran opinion (below)!

[Image around The Doctors/YouTube.]

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