Finally! Perfect Wine Pairings For Girl Scout Cookies

The usually thing that could presumably make Girl Scout Cookies even improved is a good booze pairing. And given it’s strictly Girl Scout Cookie deteriorate (insert regard hands emoji here), a experts during Club W have common their suggestions. Whether you’re formulation a girls’ night in or wish to ascent your solo film night, you’ll wish to know that bottle(s) to collect adult formed on your cookie preference. Get prepared for a compare done in heaven.

Lemonades: Sauvignon Blanc

Citrusy iced lemonade cookies span good with a sour liughtness of Sauvignon Blanc. A cold bottle of white booze with lemony cookies on a comfortable day? Yes, please.

Shortbread: Grenache Blanc

What a heck is Grenache Blanc? It’s a full-bodied white booze that’s “about as zodiacally tasty as a white booze can be,” Club W explains. The pointed records of vanilla element a buttery cookie.

Samoas: Tuscan Red Blends

In other words, coconut-caramel-dark-chocolate cookies go good with red blends from Tuscany, Italy, or red blends with grapes like Syrah.

Thin Mints: Red Blends

Red booze and chocolate go together like macaroni and cheese. What complements overwhelming Thin Mints best are deep, well-spoken red wines like berry-driven Noirs.

Tagalongs: Cabernet

Tagalongs are rich, chocolate-peanut-butter bliss, and they need a confidant booze to match, and Cabernet can mount adult to a layers of season in a soothing and crunchy cookie.