FIH distances itself from Batra’s Facebook tirade

Narinder Batra, International Hockey Federation, IHF, Batra remarks, Hockey, Indian ExpressNarinder Batra, International Hockey Federation, IHF, Batra remarks, Hockey, Indian Express Narinder Batra (File Photo)

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) distanced itself from a boss Narinder Batra’s remarks on amicable media opposite Pakistan and England. Batra’s outburst came after former India captain Sardar Singh was summoned by Yorkshire military on Monday over allegations of passionate attack done opposite him by an Indian-origin English hockey player. In his Facebook harangue on Monday morning, Batra called England a protected breakwater “for all fraudsters who have run divided from India” and indicted them of operative “under vigour of 16 Pakistan start Members of Parliament (sic; 12 MPs are of Pakistan origin).” The FIH forced Batra to take down a post and pronounced a emanate will be “reviewed internally” as per their governance processes.

Batra, who was inaugurated as a initial Asian boss of a universe physique final year, pronounced he stood by his comments. “I know FIH’s position. These are my personal views and we mount by it. Sardar is not there as a tourist. He is a citizen of India representing a country. It is a avocation and custom of a hosts anywhere in a universe to surprise a (Indian) High Commission and endangered people. Certain protocols have been breached,” Batra told The Indian Express. Sardar was called by Yorkshire military for doubt on Monday during noon, a day after India thrashed Pakistan 7-1 in a Hockey World League Semifinals in London. While a rest of a group had a day off, Sardar and team’s manager-cum-assistant manager Jugraj Singh done a five-hour one-way tour to Leeds.

“I would adore to see a greeting of England and universe media if in India England players are called to military stations,” Batra wrote. He added: “(sic) Typical British Policy, Divide and Rule, 16 Pakistani Origin MP’s to deliver their chagrin in hockey now confirm to demoralize a Team.” The FIH was discerning to boot Batra’s remarks as his ‘personal views’ and released an apology.

“The FIH would like to emphasize that these comments were a personal thoughts of Dr Batra and not deputy of a views of a FIH,” a universe physique said.

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