‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Poised To Submit To ‘Lego Batman’: Pre-Valentine’s Day Weekend B.O. Forecast

The subsequent large box bureau weekend is approaching to be a pre-Valentine’s Day duration of Feb 10-12, and Christian Grey will not have a top hand.


Universal’s Fifty Shades Darkerthe rarely approaching supplement to 2015’s Fifty Shades of Grey, the underline instrumentation of E L James’ SM intrigue novel, is now approaching to ring in between $30M-$42M, filing behind Warner Bros.’ behemoth charcterised toy-brick title The Lego Batman Movie, which per attention estimates is approaching to open north of $50M. In addition, Lionsgate will have a R-rated John Wick: Chapter 2 in a marketplace to assuage comparison group emotional for something with a bit some-more punch than Mr. Grey and Anastasia Steele’s bedroom follies. John Wick 2 is now projected to do $20M, that would be an alleviation on a 2014’s strange $14.4M opening. The pic finished a stateside run during $43M.

Before Deadpool decimated all prior Valentine’s Day, February, and R-rated openings with $132.4M final year, Fifty Shades of Grey owned a three-day high for a second month of a year and a lovers’ holiday with $85.1M over 3 days and $93M over four. While comparison women in groups done a date to watch a film (women repped 78% of a opening night’s audience), a film also benefited from pulling in their guys too on a Valentine’s Day holiday that fell on a Saturday that weekend. Fifty Shades of Grey opened opposite 20th Century Fox’s R-rated shoot-em-up Kingsman: The Secret Service, that served as counter-programming to Fifty Shades and non-stop to $36.2M and finaled with a 3.5 mixed of $128.2M. In a finish purpose annulment this time during a B.O., Fifty Shades Darker looks to offer as counter-programming to Lego Batman. 


One vital studio opposition executive suggested that Uni is relentlessly about selling Fifty Shades, and it wouldn’t be startling if a sequel’s sheet sales projections bloat in a weeks to come. The video for a Zayn-Taylor Swift strike singular “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” off a sequel’s manuscript drops this Friday; a strain sole tighten to 300K copies in a initial week of recover in early December. Other artists on a Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack embody Sia, Nicki Minaj, Nick Jonas, Rita Ora and Corinne Bailey Rae. The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack sole 2.2M around a creation and spawned a series of strike singles. Uni forsaken the Fifty Shades Darker trailer behind in Sep and broke Force Awakens‘ 24-hour trailer perspective record, 114M to 112M.

The first Fifty Shades of Grey was defence to a bad CinemaScore (C+) and film reviews (25% rotten) branch in a final domestic of $166.1M and $571M worldwide off a $40M prolongation cost (that said, a pic was front-loaded and saw a 74% dump in a second weekend). After all ancillaries, Deadline financial sources assessed that Fifty Shades of Grey made a net distinction of $255M-plus.


Currently, among women over 25, Fifty Shades Darker has a 90% sum awareness, 40% clear seductiveness and 11% unaided recognition (a double number in a latter container is really hopeful). Lego Batman has a sum recognition of 83% among moms (women over 25) with a 9% unaided awareness, though is display a clear seductiveness of 49% among guys underneath 25. John Wick: Chapter is display a clever sum awareness (76%) and clear seductiveness (50%) among guys over 25.

The final time Valentine’s Day fell on a Tuesday was in 2012 and a weekend preceding saw a Channing Tatum intrigue film The Vow take No. 1 with $41M followed by Denzel Washington-Ryan Reynolds’ Safe House with $40M. Total sheet sales for a duration were $191.9M. But when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, it creates a heck of a difference: Last year’s Deadpool weekend of Feb. 12-14 drew $239.1M while during the Fifty Shades weekend of Feb. 13-15, 2015 saw all films acquire $213.9M.