Felicity Huffman Confirms Harvey Weinstein Forced Her To Wear His Wife’s Designs To Promote Transamerica!

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Among a waves of accusations soaking in about Harvey Weinstein, mixed publicists have pronounced that a indie writer would regularly force actresses to wear his wife’s wardrobe line during red runner events.

One specific news claimed that Weinstein threatened to stop financially ancillary graduation for a Oscar-nominated play Transamerica if Felicity Huffman didn’t wear a dress from Georgina Chapman‘s label, Marchesa, during a film’s premiere.

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Well, a Desperate Housewives alum was asked about this story on Thursday night — and theory what? She says it’s all true!

Speaking to TooFab during a Eva Longoria Foundation Gala, Huffman said:

“Yeah, it’s true.”

There we have it.

According to a LA-based publicist who primarily spilled a tea, Weinstein gave Huffman a final to make certain his wife’s designs would be on full arrangement while a singer promoted a film — or there would be no promotion.

The same publicist removed a film noble also pressuring singer Sienna Miller, who starred in a Weinstein-produced play Factory Girl in 2006, to wear Chapman’s designs during a Golden Globes.

Of course, these cases of forced dress-up are some of a least offensive claims being done opposite a ashamed writer — though it still shows what lengths he went to abuse his power.

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