Federer wins record eighth Wimbledon title

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Federer creates story – highlights

Roger Federer became a initial male to win Wimbledon 8 times and extended his record to 19 Grand Slam titles with feat over Croatia’s Marin Cilic.

The Swiss third seed won 6-3 6-1 6-4 as seventh seed Cilic struggled with a scald on his left feet and pennyless down in tears during a second set.

Federer, 35, finished a foe in one hour and 41 mins to explain his initial Wimbledon pretension given 2012.

He becomes a oldest male in a Open Era to win during a All England Club.

“It is vicious sometimes,” Federer pronounced of Cilic’s earthy difficulties.

“But Marin fought good and is a hero, so congratulations on a smashing tournament.”

Federer surpasses Pete Sampras and William Renshaw, who won their seventh titles in 2000 and 1889 respectively, with usually Martina Navratilova still forward in terms of Wimbledon singles titles on nine.

He has won dual of a 3 Grand Slam titles so distant this year, carrying returned from a six-month mangle to win a Australian Open in January.

With 19 vital titles he extends his lead over Rafael Nadal in a men’s diversion to four, and now stands joint-fourth on a all-time list with Helen Wills Moody, 5 behind Margaret Court on 24.

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‘I never give adult in a match’

Among his prolonged list of achievements, Federer became a initial male given Bjorn Borg in 1976 to win a Wimbledon pretension though dropping a set.

The contest favourite from a outset, he was frequency uneasy over a march of 7 matches, and Cilic was not in a condition to yield a critical test.

“I never give adult in a match. we gave it my best – it’s all we can do,” Cilic pronounced afterwards.

Federer was personification in his 11th Wimbledon final and Cilic his first, and a opening in knowledge showed from a early stages.

Cilic, 28, strike a forehand that bounced before a net on a opening indicate as a nerves seemed tough to shake off.

Federer offering adult a integrate of early double faults though there was a clarity of karma about a initial break, that came in diversion 5 after Cilic fell heavily chasing down a dump shot, and afterwards sent a backhand into a net.

A pleasing cross-court forehand helped Federer towards set indicate in diversion 9 and Cilic duly double-faulted, finale a set with a 49% first-serve commission that frequency uneasy a Swiss.

After Federer done it 3-0 in a second set, a weeping Cilic sat in his chair as a doctor, contest arbitrate and administrator attended to him.

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‘Whole of Croatia was great with him’

‘It’s a smashing impulse for a family’

Cilic after suggested that it was romantic rather than earthy pain during that stage, though he was clearly in some trouble and there was small he could do to stop Federer racing into a two-set lead after usually 61 minutes.

A medical time-out was taken before a start of a third set and this time chubby and stuffing practical to Cilic’s left foot.

A initial retirement in a men’s singles final given 1911 seemed expected though Cilic struggled on, while Federer probed for a mangle that would certainly finish his wait for a Wimbledon title.

It came during 3-3, when Cilic netted a backhand and unbroken forehands, and usually a dim clouds above Centre Court seemed able of loitering Federer’s coronation.

Fourteen years on from his initial victory, there were signs of nerves when he served for a pretension for a initial time given 2012.

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A initial championship indicate left with a careless forehand, though an ace down a center followed and it was a celebrating Swiss who was now weeping as he looked to his group and family, including mother Mirka and 4 children, in a stands.

“I consider a younger twins consider this is a good perspective and a good stadium – hopefully one day they’ll understand,” combined Federer.

“They come for a finals. It’s a smashing impulse for a family and my team.

“This one is for us. Thank we to Wimbledon, appreciate we Switzerland.”

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‘I never give up’ – Cilic’s post-match interview


Boris Becker, three-time Wimbledon champion: “We can’t emphasize adequate all a annals Federer has broken, and with tough competition.

“Everybody is younger than him and he finds a approach to win easily, and do it consistently on each surface, detached from clay. It’s usually unfit to fathom. You think, where is he going to go now? Will it be 20 Grand Slams during a US Open?”

Tim Henman, four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist: “Because Federer creates it demeanour so easy and a technique is effortless, people take for postulated a training that he does. He’s prudent and during a age of 35 he knows what works for him.

“I’ve seen him in a locker room doing all a exercises for his reduce back, that he can onslaught with. He can onslaught with his shoulder as well. we consider essentially he loves what he does. This is his hobby, not his job. If it stays that way, there’s no reason because he can’t keep playing.”

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