‘Fear a Walking Dead': Ruben Blades on Sudden Return and Road to Redemption

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Sunday’s partial of Fear a Walking Dead, “VIP.”]

There’s good news and bad news for Fear a Walking Dead fans. The good news: Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) is alive. The bad news? He’s a monster.

At least, he was a monster, for many of a runtime of a AMC zombie series’ latest episode. Salazar is unequivocally many alive, as was suggested during a finish of deteriorate three’s third installment — and, really, as reliable by showrunner Dave Erickson shortly after a impression presumably died in a blazing blast mid into deteriorate two. The fourth partial of a deteriorate pulled a screen behind on accurately how Salazar survived and what happened next, and loyal to a inlet of a apocalypse, it wasn’t unequivocally pretty.

After blazing down a devalue in a midseason dual finale, Salazar somehow fought his approach out of a rubble and managed to yield his approach toward Tijuana. There, he is discovered by Efrain (Jesse Borrego), a kind and quick male who lives off a travel and knows accurately where and when to find H2O each week. He’s also helped by an equally kind and quick lady named Lola (Lisandra Tena), who works for a circuitously Gonzalez Dam, owned and operated by Dante Esquival (Jason Manuel Olazabal), a impersonal rapist and former associate of Victor Strand (Colman Domingo).

After a array of aroused events, Esquival recruits Salazar into his fold, noticing him as a fatal Sombra Negra user from his days during a polite quarrel in El Salvador. Salazar, who has already killed during slightest 96 people in his life by his count, is now being tasked with murdering a few more. 

For a time, Salazar complies with Esquival’s orders, once again apropos an instrument of quarrel after so many years divided from a battlefield. But once a cruel kingpin’s sights turn set on Efrain and Lola, Salazar takes matters into his possess hands. He kills Esquival and a man’s tip lieutenants, afterwards surrenders his firearm to Lola, begging, “Forgive me.” It appears that he’s seeking for her to put an finish to his wretchedness once and for all. Instead of banishment a weapon, however, she extends a hand. It looks like a new standing quo for a Gonzalez Dam, with Salazar still unequivocally many in a mix.

What’s subsequent for Daniel? Will he ever find his daughter Ofelia (Mercedes Mason)? Will he find some arrange of assent with Strand? Can he ever find assent within himself? Here’s what Blades told The Hollywood Reporter about all of that and some-more — including since he had to be stopped from eating all of a SPAM in a cafeteria scene. 

How many did we know about what was in store for Salazar after a midseason dual finale, formed on Dave Erickson observant there were still skeleton in place for a character?

Really, we didn’t have any [conversations]. we usually insincere it was best let a story follow a course. we unequivocally had no suspicion what was going to happen. we cruise it was a healthy thing to do, since ultimately, we never know what’s going to occur with this series. We all pointer a contract, and a agreement doesn’t contend we can’t die. You never know that instruction things are going to go. For something as elementary as a miss of fan seductiveness can establish a character’s demise. we wasn’t sure. we kind of knew that fans favourite Salazar and found him interesting, so we felt like we was entrance back, nonetheless it never felt like a certain thing.

When did we find out that we were entrance back, and a approach we were entrance back?

I contingency have found out unequivocally shortly before we started shooting. we don’t remember removing a special call that we was entrance behind and that we would be doing this or that. we got a call from my representative observant that we was entrance behind and we need to news on such and such date. we wasn’t carrying vast conversations with Dave. we trust Dave. He’s a one who brought me in to a show, so we felt assured that he would know what to do. It was, “You’re entrance back, and this is what you’re going to do.”

And what was your greeting to anticipating out what we were going to do, what Daniel had been by to get to a Dam?

I was unequivocally astounded during a fact that it’s flattering many a Salazar episode. What astounded me a many is that we don’t know if it’s ever happened before, and in my experience, we don’t remember it: to have a U.S. radio opening broadcast in primetime an partial all in Spanish, with subtitles, that unequivocally got my attention. we don’t unequivocally remember that ever happening. we suspicion it was unequivocally confidant of them and unequivocally bold of them and also unequivocally timely. It was utterly a surprise, we have to say. With Salazar, I’ve always desired that this impression is so against to me. I’ve been disapproval dictatorships for 50 years. All of a remarkable I’m personification someone who indeed finished adult operative — or was forced to work — in support of one, or as a partial of organizations of comprehension and military. It was always engaging to me to find a impression who is totally against to what we am and what we think. we cruise those characters are customarily a many interesting. At a same time, they force we to demeanour during things and weigh things, and they yield we with a some-more finish viewpoint of a tellurian character. 

Daniel goes by a genuine tour in this episode. He’s helped by Efrain, and afterwards finds himself in a position where he has to harm Efrain. He’s someone who has been divided from a quarrel for so long, and now he’s once again portion as a soldier. Was it formidable to play Daniel in this space?

It was tough to show, even nonetheless it’s scripted… there’s a partial of a hearts and minds for those of us who have not been subjected in genuine life to a rigors and horrors of such an puncture to inflict pain on someone who has helped us. we don’t find it easy to do any kind of stage where I’m causing pain to someone. It was unequivocally tough for me to do that woe stage of a infantryman [in deteriorate one], and it was unequivocally tough for me to strike Efrain in this episode. Very, unequivocally tough for me. If it hadn’t been for Efrain, Salazar would not have survived in a state he was in. It was also engaging in this partial that we find Salazar apropos some-more human. He becomes some-more spiritual. He realizes he’s been spared for some reason, after several opportunities he could have died. It was a tough thing to adjust to. At a same time, a fact that we accepted how this conditions effected so many people in El Salvador… in those days we was unequivocally wakeful of what was going on and we knew where to go to know a proclivity for Salazar to have finished what he did.

At a finish of a episode, Daniel protects a people who stable him. He stands on a right side. Earlier, he says he believes he’s killed 96 people. He adds a few some-more to a list when he kills Esquival and his allies. Then Salazar drops to his knees and hands Lola his firearm, and says, “Forgive me.” It appears that she does pardon him. Can Salazar pardon himself?

I cruise he felt he was on a highway where a probability of emancipation truly existed. He devoted her. He doesn’t trust his possess considerations of either or not he’s honourable of emancipation for all that he’s done. He put a gun in her palm and we cruise he could have been a hundredth. He could have been a one during a end. Just like when he kneeled after aggressive that outrageous man, a infected… he forsaken to his knees and said, “I’m done. I’m done.” And many to his surprise, this bizarre partial occurs where a hiker is strike by lightning…

Which was fantastic, by a way.

It unequivocally was! (Laughs.) I’ve seen episodes of The Walking Dead and we have all of a comics books. I’ve been following it. we don’t remember ever being so surprised, other than Glenn going underneath that dumpster. we suspicion he was gone. And we can’t remember anything like [the hiker removing struck by lightning]. It was such a startling moment. When Salazar gives a gun to Lola, he says, “I’m done. Do whatever we think.” And she spares him. we cruise it simply creates an evidence for a probability of his being forgiven and his redemption.

Hopefully some of that emancipation involves reuniting with his daughter, Ofelia. He has a review about her with Strand — a stage that is in English — and Strand tells this half-baked distortion that Ofelia is behind during a hotel. Daniel sees loyal by it. But where do we cruise Daniel is during a finish of a episode? Does he cruise Ofelia’s dead, or does he cruise she competence still be out there?

He thinks she’s dead, nonetheless he hopes she’s alive. What happened with Strand is if we follow a review and Daniel’s reactions, when Strand says “We all suspicion we were dead,” Daniel knows that that’s substantially a case. He himself substantially suspicion he would be dead. And yet, Strand overplays his palm and says, “She’s watchful for you.” That’s when Daniel looks during him and goes, “You square of shit. You fibbing dog. You’re going to debase here.” But in a behind of his mind, he sees him. He’s never devoted Strand. He’s seen group like this before. As he’s going divided and he’s dissapoint and indignant that this male is lying, he still in a behind of his head, not carrying listened Strand say, “No, she’s dead.” He sees wish that she’s still alive.

Is there any possibility of settlement between Daniel and Strand, or is that trust irreversibly damaged during this point?

Look, Salazar is no saint. He’s finished his share of immorality and wrong things. He’s a unsentimental person. This is a second canon for Salazar. He already went by one. He understands a need to make commitments to people we would differently find detestable. He knows a need to forge alliances with enemies or people he privately would like to put under. I’m certain he has that in a behind of his head. Plus, as he goes away, he knows Strand has been somewhere where he has some of a things he’s told him about Madison and a hotel… it’s usually too forked to all be a lie. He knows Strand knows something. He’s usually going to make him persperate before he gets to a bottom of it.

How many SPAM did we have to eat in this episode?

Actually, they had to tell me not to eat it, since we like it. We were going to run out of spam. (Laughs.) we even have a T-shirt that says “SPAM” that my mother got for me once. we can’t eat it all anymore around a house. The usually time we can eat it is when she’s not around. 

You’re about to turn a unaccepted spokesperson.

You know what, we remember when we was a child flourishing up… we were a vast family. Sometimes there’s usually not adequate to buy genuine meat. I’m not unknown with SPAM. It’s true, since we once attempted my dog’s food, that it smells a small bit like it. (Laughs.) But we like it! we was usually carrying a kick, since when we would eat it, we would go to my mother and exhale on her, and she wouldn’t like it. 

The Gonzales Dam is in good hands right now. All a bad people in assign of it are left by a finish of a episode. What can we design from this plcae as a deteriorate progresses, now that a H2O is in a right hands?

It’s crucial. Crucial. Water… it’s unequivocally engaging how many parallels one can pull between what’s novella and what it unequivocally represents in a destiny of humanity. We need to be critical about preserving a environment. We need to be critical about meridian change. Therefore we need to rise policies involving H2O that includes recycling and decontamination and some-more obliged use of water. we do trust a dam during this indicate is a one thing that will act as a magnet. we get a flog out of people who cruise income important, things like gold. Gold is not another square of yellow rock. we theory we’re still early on [in a apocalypse] that people cruise it a uncover of status. You can’t splash dollars and we can’t splash bullion or diamonds. we do trust H2O is essential. we do cruise in that scenario, it’s going to be a consistent quarrel to try to keep it away, since people wish it. They wish it. That’s a new currency. 

What did we cruise of a vast Salazar episode? Let us know in a comments below.

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