Fake WhatsApp app downloaded some-more than one million times

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The genuine WhatsApp follower has been downloaded some-more than a billion times from a Play Store

A feign chronicle of a WhatsApp follower app was downloaded some-more than a million times from a Google Play Store before it was removed.

The app, “Update WhatsApp Messenger”, seemed to have been grown by a organisation behind a genuine module – WhatsApp Inc.

According to users on web forum Reddit, a feign contained ads and could download module to users’ devices.

It has now been private from a Play Store.

Whoever was behind a app managed to make it demeanour as though a developer was “WhatsApp Inc”.

They did this by regulating that accurate name, yet replacing a space with a special impression that looks like a space.

The pointed disproportion would have been most undetectable to a normal user.

Users receiving involuntary updates around a genuine WhatsApp would not have been affected.

It is distant from a initial time that Google has had to purify adult feign antagonistic apps on a Play Store.

In 2015, a organisation had to step in and retard one module that sheltered itself as a battery guard and sent premium-rate content messages from people’s phones.