Fake Black Lives Matter Facebook page removed

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The biggest Facebook page related to a Black Lives Matter transformation was a fraud run by a white male in Australia and has been taken down, CNN has reported.

It was partial of a wider operation that lifted some-more than $100,000 by online fundraising platforms, that have dangling related accounts.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is due to answer questions from US politicians today, as a height faces renewed inspection over a practices and integrity.

The review – by CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan – raises some-more ungainly questions for a promotion and amicable media giant, as good as others.

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Patrisse Khan Cullors, one of a founders of a Black Lives Matter movement, tweeted that they had asked Twitter to mislay an compared account.

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She told CNN that Black Lives Matter had contacted Facebook several months ago to lift concerns about a page, that has twice as many likes as a central page.

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The page was dangling by Facebook due to an administrator’s comment being suspended, not apparently for a crack of village standards.

It was afterwards taken down by one of a administrators after CNN contacted Ian Mackay, one of a Australian group a news organization believes is compared with administration of a page.

Pointedly, CNN says that “not for a initial time, Facebook took movement opposite a vital bad actor on a site not on a possess though since reporters done inquiries.”

Suspicions about a site date behind to 2016, according to O’Sullivan.

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His news highlights a work of Jeremy Massler, whose blog post in Dec 2017 initial lifted a links to Mackay and brought them to a courtesy of CNN.

Separately, Australia’s ABC reports that Mackay, whom it describes as a “high-ranking official” with a National Union of Workers (NUW), has been stood down from his position.

Fundraising pages closed

The people behind a page also ran mixed fundraising pages on platforms including Donorbox, Paypal, Patreon. It is claimed they lifted about A$129,000 ($100,000, £71,000) and that some of a supports had been tied to an Australian bank account, with one fundraiser related to Mackay by name.

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When contacted by CNN, Mackay denied using a page, revelation them that he had usually bought a domain name and had subsequently sole it.

By Alex Murray, UGC and Social news