Facebook blackmailer jailed for rapes

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Leighton combined dozens of feign Facebook accounts to trap his victim

A paedophile has been jailed for 16 years after revelation rape, notwithstanding being thousands of miles divided when a offences happened.

Paul Leighton, 32, from Seaham, County Durham, combined adult to 40 feign Facebook profiles to cater teenagers in a UK, Canada, a US and Australia.

He duped them into promulgation him exposed selfies, afterwards blackmailed them into abusing immature relatives.

He had progressing certified a sum of 21 offences during Newcastle Crown Court.

The justice listened one 14-year-old from Florida was duped into desiring he was articulate to a girl, afterwards blackmailed into regularly raping his one-year-old niece.

Leighton threatened a teen he would post videos of a abuse online if he did not do more.

The child has given been charged by US authorities.

Sentencing Leighton to 16 years with a six-year extended licence, Judge Robert Adams told him: “You have effectively broken a lives of these people.”

FBI investigating

He pronounced Leighton was “clearly dangerous” and acted a risk to children in a UK and abroad.

Leighton blackmailed dual British teenage girls and also intimately abused a nine-year-old lady vital in a north-east of England, a justice was told.

The FBI is questioning other victims who might have been targeted.

Leighton, from Malvern Crescent in Seaham, was arrested in Nov by military questioning reports he had exchanged faulty images.

When officers examined his phone they found justification that as many as 100 children in North America had been abused.

Leighton certified 3 depends of rape as good as other offences, including blackmail, causing a child to rivet in passionate activity, creation faulty photographs of a child and passionate assault.

Paul Reid, prosecuting, pronounced of Leighton’s control with a Florida teen and his niece: “This was a debate of rape.

“The suspect has pleaded guilty to a rape of this baby 4,000 miles divided as he was regulating (the uncle) as an accessory.”

Cannabis user

Mr Reid pronounced a box concerned a “utterly abominable abuse of many children”.

Andrew Rutter, mitigating, pronounced Leighton was a cannabis user and had pleaded guilty during a initial opportunity.

He added: “He protests it was not for passionate benefit though since it gave him a feeling of energy to practice a pinnacle control over other individuals.”

Det Sgt Peter Morgan of Northumbria Police, that led a investigation, said: “Leighton was distributed and worldly in his proceed to this abuse and his miss of suspicion for his victims is spine-chilling.”

Gary Buckley, of a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), pronounced a offences done for “chilling reading” for any parent.

He added: “We were means to successfully prosecute Leighton for rape by proof that he was as guilty in instigating a abroad offending as he would have been committing a crime itself.”

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