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Why did Dean and D-Lo unequivocally finish their attribute on a culmination of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? Well in a new interview, she suggested that Dean told her a producers of a uncover asked him to do it — that is because he called her regularly afterward.

“I consider in a behind of my mind we knew it was a probability that he would wish to leave separately. It was still tough for me to hear, though,” Danielle Lombard told Us Weekly in a new interview. Of course, we all watched Dean Unglert tell her that he was still in adore with Kristina Schulman, so he wanted to leave Bachelor in Paradise solo. But maybe that wasn’t a case?

“I was like, ‘If he’s carrying doubts, we don’t wish to get concerned with someone like that. we rather he tell me now so we can pierce on separately,’” Danielle said. “But that’s not what happened afterwards.” As for what did occur afterward, Danielle says they left and went behind to a hotel alone and she thought, ‘Screw this guy.’ Within 5 minutes, she started job her phone.

“I didn’t wish to speak to him during all. we hung adult on him several times before indeed staying on a line. we gave it to him straight,” she explained. “I said, ‘You don’t know what we want. You done a finish dope of me on inhabitant television. You literally told me we desired someone else and now you’re job me observant we wish to hang out. we only don’t know your suspicion process.’” However, he afterwards told Danielle he was “encouraged to contend those things.”

To this day, Danielle doesn’t trust him — though they did hang out afterward. “I only consider it was his approach of saving face during a finish of Paradise. He came over to my hotel room and we talked some more. As shortly as we got behind to L.A., we hung out with any other and started this off camera attribute that we suspicion was going in a right direction,” she explained. She was underneath a sense he and Kristina had not been articulate — something we found out was not loyal during a reunion special. “I don’t trust he was hooking adult with anyone else,” she said. “But we consider he was really good during creation certain that we weren’t observant we were beloved and partner or in an disdainful relationship.”

For now, she’s not with Dean; while she done it transparent she doesn’t hatred him, she is “disappointed.” Who wouldn’t be?

HollywoodLifers, are we astounded by Danielle’s interview?

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