EXCLUSIVE: Jordana Brewster “Would Love To Have A Little Girl”

The day after Halloween, Fast Furious star Jordana Brewster partnered adult with POND’S to plate on her favorite go-to products that are “perfect for moms on the-go.” At a event, a Lethal Weapon star, 37, sat down for an disdainful speak with Celebrity Baby Scoop and non-stop adult about her arriving holiday plans, her tighten attribute with sister Bella Brewster, family life with Andrew Form and their sons Julian, 4, and Rowan, 16 months, and a probability of adding a baby lady to their family.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with POND’S and some of your favorite products.

JB: “My favorite products from POND’S are the Towelettes because they’re ideal for moms that are on the-go. we have them in my gym bag so we can use them right after my daily persperate session, if we don’t have time to rinse my face in a morning we can use them in a automobile on my approach to dump off Julian during school. They’re usually unequivocally good since they’re versatile. And since they have POND’S Cold Cream technology, they’re also unequivocally hydrating, that is awesome.”

CBS: Do we have any arriving holiday skeleton for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve? What are some of your favorite family traditions?

JB: “I’m hosting Thanksgiving that I’m super vehement about! I’m not cooking, though we am hosting. (Which everyone’s happy that I’m not cooking nonetheless I’m learning).

We’re also going to Park City for Christmas that will be unequivocally fun. We’re going skiing with my parents.

I’m also hosting Christmas Eve since Brazilians applaud Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, so that’s a tradition.

I’m not certain what I’m doing for New Year’s, though hopefully something fun.”

CBS: What are your boys into these days?

JB: “My boys are unequivocally into sauce up. Halloween was usually yesterday, so we recently found out that Rowan unequivocally likes candy. He unequivocally likes chocolate.

Julian loves personification pretend. If someone comes over, he’ll have 5 opposite costumes all prepared – he usually unequivocally loves purpose play, that is a lot of fun.

He’s also spooky with Greek Myths. He’s unequivocally fearful of Medusa, though he wants to speak about her any singular day. He’s also spooky with his Christmas list. Every blurb that comes on he’s like, ‘Mom, compensate attention,’ and he runs and adds a object to his Christmas list. So we’re modifying that now.”

CBS: We adore saying photos of your boys on your Instagram page. How do we feel about pity shots of your family? How do we feel about paparazzi pics?

“Julian used to adore a red runner though recently he’s turn some-more bashful with paparazzi, and we consider it’s about respecting that. It’s about not forcing your child to extract in something that you’ve chosen. we consider it’s fine as prolonged as they’re carrying fun with it.

Rowan, on a other hand, grabs a mic — he’s all about it.”

CBS: We adore how tighten we are with your sister Bella. Do your boys bond with their cousins Kingsman and Luke utterly a bit? Do we all live tighten to one another?

“Yeah, we’re unequivocally advantageous in that we usually live a integrate miles apart, and a boys are unequivocally some-more like brothers than cousins since of it.”

CBS: Tell us about your arriving projects. Tell us about a arriving Fast films. What is it like being on set with such longtime costars? What can we design from your characters?

JB: “I adore personification Cahill on Lethal Weapon. She’s such a strong, eccentric lady and I’m unequivocally looking brazen to bringing that clarity of autonomy to Mia in a arriving Fast 9. Mia’s no longer a small girl, she’s a lady now.

It’s so good being reunited with a Fast expel on set – we’re all so tighten knit. We always see any other outward of work during any other’s kids’ birthday parties and things, though it’s unequivocally special to be behind together on set again.”

CBS: What’s adult subsequent for you? Maybe a lady to supplement to a brood?

JB: “Oh gosh, trick-or-treating a other day, we beheld how many of a small girls were like, ‘Happy Halloween – appreciate you!’ They were usually so sweet. Girls are usually another round game. we would adore to have a small girl, though we don’t know that that’s in a cards for us.”

Check out a Instagram picture Jordana posted after a disdainful interview. Thanks again to Jordana for a good chat!

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I spent a day during a #PONDSBeautyBar removing glam for a holidays! My attempted loyal @PONDS Towelettes are my favorite celebration appendage – we can always count on them to leave me with makeup-free, soothing hydrated skin after any event. #PONDSPartner

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