Exclusive: It is about my temperament that we have grown to embrace, says Soha Ali Khan on The Perils of Being Moderately Famous

soha ali khan launches her entrance book soha ali khan launches her entrance book Soha Ali Khan feels she has a lot of untapped intensity in her.

Soha Ali Khan recently launched her book The Perils of Being Moderately Famous. In this talk with indianexpress.com, Soha opens adult about what it feels like to be tolerably famous in a family full of stars, including late cricket fable Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, actor Sharmila Tagore and superstars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Q. Why do we consider we are tolerably famous?

I come from a family where everybody is a star. So we suspicion belonging to this family and industry, we am someone who is not a tip ranker, though someone in a middle. So, a thought of being tolerably famous came naturally, and a bit of self-deprecating humour was natural. Often, we have been recognized as Saif Ali Khan’s sister or Sharmila Tagore and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s daughter. So, it is about my temperament that we have grown to embrace. Sometimes we find it frustrating and other times we even find it comforting that we go to this family.

Q. Would we call your knowledge as a flip side of nepotism?

Nepotism has turn a bad word now. we feel by being a member of this family and carrying actor relatives, there is a outrageous advantage to it. we didn’t have to acquire a honour and adore that people give me. we know this all is since of my relatives and brother. But as we said, we also consider that there is a flip side to all and positively it can be really frustrating to have a somewhat diluted temperament as one is always struggling to make their possess identity. But we like to see things in a certain light. So rather than observant that this is partial and parcel of nepotism, we would contend it is partial and parcel of being myself, as this has finished a chairman we am today.

Q. You have finished extraordinary work. Rang De Basanti apparently highlighted your talent as an actor. Do we consider a attention has given we your dues?

It is not like a attention has not given me my impost though we positively feel that we have a lot of untapped intensity in me. we would word it that way. we feel like we have been operative with good directors. we get vehement when we am offering an sparkling role. Now a lot of things is function on a internet as well. So, there are some-more platforms for me to showcase my talent. It is a good time to be an actor. It is not only about being a partial of a large film or being a large star. we have called myself a operative actor. we am really calm with that.

soha ali khan in rang de basanti

soha ali khan in rang de basanti

Q. Tell me how Inaaya is doing. How is motherhood treating you? Would we ever be fine to move her in a spotlight like how Taimur is?

Inaaya decides all for me right now. It is all in her hands. We (Soha and actor, father Kunal Khemu) used to have an eccentric life. We could do whatever we wanted to and now unexpected all depends on her. From what we can eat to when we can sleep. Life is totally opposite now. we am enjoying each bit of it. we am learning. It is a humbling experience. Sometimes it is challenging. At times, it can get frustrating also. However, when she smiles, it is like when a object comes out and brightens a day.

You can plan your child as many as we want, though we don’t take cinema of Inaaya with a flashlight on. At times, we are frightened to take a child out when there is a lot of media. That’s one angle. The other angle is nobody wants to overexpose their child in a media. Everything that one does as a primogenitor or an aunt is to strengthen a child. we consider photographers constantly take cinema either it is of Taimur on a pitch or in his nanny’s arms. He is not going to change each day. we know that people have an seductiveness in him and wish to know how he is looking. However, we do consider there has to be a bit of a line, generally with tiny children.

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