EXCLUSIVE Interview: Asha Parekh says Shammi Kapoor was her favourite

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One thing we realize about yesteryears actor Asha Parekh when we accommodate her during her posh though waste sea confronting residence in Mumbai is that she lives alone though doesn’t feel lonely. She has been an eccentric lady ever given she started acting. On her 75th birthday currently a maestro actor is experiencing mixed-feelings. The hospital, that was her dream plan and to that she’s clinging 55 years of her life has sealed down. But that doesn’t stop us from celebrating a ‘Hit girl’s’ birthday.

The maestro actor feels she has been propitious to have been in a tip for a longest time as a ‘heroine’, though somewhere she feels a small unhappy that she couldn’t work on a film with Dilip Kumar.

Here are some excerpts from a talk we during indianexpress.com had with her after she launched her book ‘The Hit Girl’.

Asha Parekh: we don’t suffer film strain now a days, generally given it’s all remixed songs now

Today’s songs have some-more beats than song, so i have disliked remixed songs from a unequivocally beginning. Which was my favorite song? It is unequivocally formidable to tell we currently given there were such extraordinary songs then, we can’t unequivocally pin indicate one.

Asha Parekh: Shammi Kapoor was my favourite co-star

I have worked with a lot of them, and they were all great. But given we did my initial film with Shammi Kapoor ji, he is my favourite. we was unequivocally bashful to face a camera. In my initial few shots with Shammi chacha, we was unequivocally nervous. He was unequivocally studious with me and guided me in each shot. He generally taught me how to mouth sync and display in a songs. It wasn’t formidable for us to act, we used to call him chacha outward a film and when we were shooting, we were professionals actors. So zero worried us.

Asha Parekh: we skip dancing

I skip dancing a lot, we don’t dance anymore! we am certain Wahida ji and Helen ji also skip dance, though everytime we hear good dance strain we am certain like me they contingency be feeling like dancing and my ‘haath per tharakne lagte hai’. (I feel like doing a few dance moves.)

I was a dancer, so it was easy for me to dance in films. we had complicated Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odisi and Kathakali most before we even suspicion of apropos an actor.

Today’s dance has westernised so much, Indian dancing is less. Sanjay Leela Bhansali attempted removing that one good strain with Indian dance, and it feels good saying that.

Asha Parekh: My mom done certain we grew adult to be an independent, extreme and a dauntless woman

Of march there should be women empowerment, women should get each right. They need to quarrel for it given a multitude doesn’t demeanour during women equally, and that’s not fair. There is pay-parity that’s has been by a years, even in my time.

For me fortunately, my mom was my backbone. She was an eccentric and extreme woman, and she done certain we am too. She wanted me to be a dauntless person. Her approbation was approbation and her no was a organisation no, and we took that from her. we would collect my possess scripts, she didn’t meddle in my work, though she would hoop my dates and schedules.

Of march each mom would like to see her daughter get married, so it wasn’t like she didn’t try to get me married. But we don’t consider i had matrimony on my cards.

Infact when we initial started articulate to Khalid (Mohamed) while essay a book, it was an romantic tour for me. we started articulate about my relatives and we realised how most we skip them. When they upheld divided we was totally broken. So it was formidable articulate about it.

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