Erika Christensen Says ‘It Took a Good While’ for Nursing to ‘Click’: It Was a ‘Only Time we Actually Cried’

Erika Christensen is opening adult about her initial onslaught to helper her daughter Shane in a latest PEOPLE Celeb Parents Get Real.

“The usually time we indeed cried was after we had already hired a lactation consultant, and she done it seem so easy. Then she left and we attempted on my possess and we still couldn’t figure it out,” says Christensen, 35.

The singer adds, “It took a good while to get a nursing to click.” Christensen says a disappointment done her cry, and lament, ” ‘I can’t do it.’ ”

“And afterwards we got myself together and attempted again,” she shares.

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Magical quadruped 🦄

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Christensen shares her 15-month-old with husband Cole Maness.

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Baby’s initial outing to Mexico 🇲🇽 (Look how happy she is! Everyone says she’s so hermosa though — we swear — when “out of earshot”, mixed times we overheard that she is blanca. Real blanca.) 🤣

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Further opening adult about a outcome breastfeeding had on her postpartum body, Christensen shares, “the nursing only took it out of me.”

“It requires so most appetite to helper your child, that’s unequivocally what did it for me,” she says of losing a baby weight. “You bake a lot of calories.”