Eric and Jessie James Decker Find Out a Sex of Their Baby on a Way

The Decker girls will shortly be outnumbered — Eric and Jessie James Decker are carrying another boy!

Jessie took to her Instagram on Monday to share a video of a darling impulse that she and her Tennessee Titans far-reaching receiver father found out a sex of baby No. 3 with her daughter Vivianne “Vivi” Rose, 3½, and son Eric “Bubby” Jr, 2.

“You prepared to figure out who’s in Mommy’s tummy? Let’s open it,” Jessie, 29, says in a shave before she and Eric, 30, open adult a box full of balloons.

“It’s a boy!” a nation singer-songwriter says excitedly as blue balloons boyant out of a box. “It’s a baby boy!”

Baby Decker series 3 is a ….

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Though Vivianne is happy to have a kin on a way, she is in rejection that it’s not going to be a baby sister like she had hoped.

“What do we consider about carrying a baby brother?” Jessie asks Vivianne, to that she replies, “No, it’s a girl!”

The integrate announced that they are awaiting progressing this month, and Jessie told PEOPLE Now that her daughter had a large partial in a story behind her and Eric’s preference to have a third child — and that she always wanted it to be a girl.

Jessie James Decker/Instagram

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“We knew that we possibly wanted a third [child], though we remember she pulled me aside — one of a friends had a baby, and [Vivianne] is unequivocally tighten with their child already, they’re a same age. … His name’s Henley, and Henley only had a baby sister,” Jessie explained.

“My son is 2, so she doesn’t remember him ever being a baby, they’re 17 months apart,” she said. “So she’s like, ‘Mommy, we wish a baby sister like Ellie, we wish a baby sister.’ we was like, ‘Well, if we unequivocally wish a baby hermit or sister, we have to urge to Jesus.’ ”

“So each night we would hear her going, ‘Jesus, greatfully assistance have a hermit or sister,’ ” Jessie continued. “She would only pray. And afterwards my mom, who’s super Catholic, pulls out a rosary. So [Vivianne] pulled out a rosary and she’s 3, going, ‘I wish a baby sister!’ “