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The summer culmination of ‘The Fosters’ is going to be an romantic drum coaster. HollywoodLife.com talked EXCLUSIVELY with EP and executive Joanna Johnson about what can we design from a fave characters in a episode!

The deteriorate 5A culmination of The Fosters is nothing other than promenade night during Anchor Beach. Jesus (Noah Centineo) and Emma (Amanda Leighton) are on a outs after their distressing quarrel during a Aug. 29 episode. HollywoodLife.com got a possibility to speak EXCLUSIVELY with a show’s executive writer and a executive of a summer finale, Joanna Johnson, about where Jesus is during going into a episode. “Well, Jesus is going by so most with this dire mind injury, and he feels he’s carrying a tough time communicating and estimate his emotions,” Joanna reveals. “He’s so fearful given he’s been removed from school, and in some ways from Emma, he felt that he was going to remove her if he couldn’t get some arrange of lifetime joining out of her. we think, had he not had this injury, he substantially would not have even suspicion that was a good thought to try and ask her to be intent to him. Going into a finale, he loves Emma and he’s substantially a small needy right now in his life and has these arrange of absolutes and these outbursts that aren’t indispensably what he unequivocally wants though he’s only carrying such a tough time joining to people and explaining what’s going inside his head.”

In a issue of Emma’s quarrel with Jesus, she reconnected with Mariana (Cierra Ramirez). Joanna teases we’ll see some-more of that going forward. “Emma and Mariana arrange of make adult as Jesus and Emma mangle up,” Joanna continues. “But it’s good to have a girls behind together given they are such good friends.”

At a finish of a Aug. 29 episode, Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) spots Callie (Maia Mitchell) protesting with her ex, AJ (Tom Williamson). Aaron didn’t demeanour too happy about it, so can we design bumps in their relationship ahead? “Yes, absolutely,” Joanna says. “Aaron has always been a small threatened by AJ. When Aaron met Callie, she was dating AJ and got endangered with Aaron flattering fast after violation adult with AJ. You know, Aaron has been a small endangered either Callie did arrange of a jump frog into a relationship, so it really pushes his buttons for sure.”

The Fosters deteriorate 5A culmination front Tuesday, Sept. 5, during 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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