Ellen DeGeneres Resurrects Karla Kardashian and Pokes Fun during Family Baby Boom with Kourtney and Kendall

If we haven’t been “keeping up” with a obtuse famous Kardashian sister, Karla, she’s got some sparkling news!

Ellen DeGeneres brought behind her personal KarJenner sister dress in respect of Halloween, finish with leopard imitation physique suit, new blonde locks — following in a impression footsteps of Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian‘s new looks — and a large belly.

“I don’t know if we remember me, I’m Karla Kardashian,” DeGeneres, 59, pronounced in character. “I am a obtuse famous Kardashian sister and I’ve got a new baby strike underneath my lady lumps. You know what that means, possibly I’m profound or we put my boundary pad on backwards.”

The horde poked fun during a new baby bang in a family. Kim reliable in a supertease for deteriorate 10 of KUTWK that she is expecting her third child with husband Kanye West via surrogate. Khloé is expecting her initial child with NBA boyfriend Tristan Thompson, while Kylie Jenner is also expecting her initial child, a girl, with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

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“This season, all a Kardashians are carrying babies, or what we like to call them, spin-offs,” a horde joked. “We all know that Kim is expecting, and everybody is articulate about Khloé and Kylie being pregnant, though we have violation news. I’m not ostensible to tell anybody, though we don’t caring since I’m a partial of a family. Kourtney is profound as well!”

At that moment, a genuine Kourtney emerged to set a record loyal for her “sister”: a mom of 3 is not expecting.

“Stop creation adult rumors about me! I’m not pregnant. Karla, stop perplexing to make adult rumors like we know all of a secrets,” a 38-year-old existence star said.

DeGeneres replies, “Sorry, we confused we with Kendall [Jenner] ’cause Kendall’s pregnant. we know that for a fact.”

Kendall, 21, afterwards struted onstage to relieve any rumors – assuring viewers that she’s not pregnant, either.

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DeGeneres’ impression afterwards took a event to exhibit who her baby daddy is: Shaq’s “cousin” Jaleel O’Neal (played by Jay Pharoah). Staying loyal to a KarJenner sisters’ adore of athletes, Jaleel also played for a NBA — a Neighborhood Bowling Association.

Don’t skip my Halloween uncover tomorrow! Love, Karla Kardashian.

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As fans of DeGeneres know, Karla initial done her coming on a comedian’s strike daytime speak uncover behind in 2015.

“I’m a obtuse famous Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian with a K, we’re famous for a double Ks. These are double Ks, too, by a way,” Karla explained on Ellen‘s deteriorate 13 Halloween episode, indicating to her breasts.

“I’m a large partial of a family, though for some reason I’m always cut out of a show,” she continued. “I know since they usually have 12 existence shows that are on TV 80 hours a week, though they didn’t have room for me.”